Youth Lagoon - Wondrous Bughouse

Youth Lagoon, Trevor Powers’s expansive and triumphant bedroom-indie project, is about a week away from releasing the sophomore album Wondrous Bughouse, and the two early tracks “Dropla” and “Mute” have both been enormously promising. Today, we learn if the whole album lives up to that promise. All 51 minutes of the album are streaming online; listen to the whole thing below.

(via NPR)

Wondrous Bughouse is out 3/5 on Fat Possum.

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  1. Gave this a solid listen and it certainly doesn’t take long into it to realize its much different than Youth. It’s almost unsettling when you first hear how ‘loud’ it is as you settle in to the first listen. Not quite sure that’s a good thing, but at the least it’s a compelling listen and one that may or may not grow with repeat plays. What was so slick about Youth was how epic it sounded while being constrained under minimal resources. It was like Beasts of Southern Wild from a musical perspective.

    • Give it a few more listens… I had the same impressions at the start and was missing the simplicity of ‘Year in Hibernation’.

      After a I listened to it a second time (and with headphones) I saw what they were getting at the progressions they are making.

      Although nothing on this album lives up to ‘Cannons’

  2. It sounds like a carnival being held underwater. Other possibilities: If the soundtrack to the Nintendo video game Little Nemo In Slumberland wasn’t 8-bit.

  3. This album sounds like a Wondrous Bughouse… very different from the first album, but its engaging and it still sounds like him. I’m at the 43 minute mark and it feels like this album has been a slow build that is about to burst… in a good way.

  4. Tried getting into this record. The music is interesting but the guy’s vocals are just way too agitating. Like nails on a chalk board.

  5. Love this album from start to finish.

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