Waxahatchee - Cerulean Salt

Last year, Katie Crutchfield, the former P.S Eliot punk (and sister of Swearin’ leader Allison) took the name Waxahatchee and released American Weekend, an album of gut-scraping acoustic songs that went unacknowledged in too many places, including this website. Sorry, guys. She’ll follow it up next week with Cerulean Salt, a full-band album that keeps the intensity of American Weekend (seriously: those last two songs) but expands the dynamic range. We posted the songs “Peace And Quiet” and “Coast To Coast,” but there’s a lot more to Cerulean Salt than just those songs. The album might be my favorite of the year thus far, and you can stream the whole thing at NPR.

Cerulean Salt is out 3/5 on Don Giovanni.

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    • Before the downvotes commence, I should add I also champion Waxahatchee in my writing, even dubbing “Coast to Coast” a must listen, so while I do respect and appreciate the music, I just don’t know what purpose it would serve from a critical standpoint to hold it in the same canon as I would say, My Bloody Valentine.

    • I believe he said “favorite,” not “best”

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        • I think a “favorite” implies enjoyment on a personal, mostly visceral level. To claim that something is the “best” is asserting that you can make a case that it has more significance than for your own personal enjoyment. I have plenty of “favorites” that I wouldn’t necessarily say are the “best”.

    • Music Taste is completely subjective. The Seer was my favorite album last year, but other people liked Fiona Apple, or something completely outside the conversations here. With so much good music being released all the time,why should everyone have the same favorites?

      • ‘turd, I’m not saying we all need to agree what’s the best / favorite album of the year, but it sends a confusing message when something as obvious from the ’90s indie-emo punk lineage which many of the same critics lauding Waxahatchee have pan are saying of her similarly-sounding music, “No, no — This is completely different (because it came out in 2013.)” Don’t tell me Get Up Kids or Pedro the Lion were lame and that you would still slam their work, but not feel the same about this. I grew up on that sort of music and that era definitely holds a special place in my love of music, so when all these sites are trying to pushing Waxahatchee on us because it’s okay to admonish something released on Don Giovanni but not early-2000s Vagrant, it’s b.s.

        • I can see that point, though it might just be a different generation of critics that enjoyed that music than the ones who panned it back in the day. You can see that pretty easily in Hip-Hop where a lot of critics used to shit on Southern Rap and worship all sorts of throwbackish NY types and now there’s plenty of younger critics who loved Ball & G or No Limit and aren’t dismissing all the new Southern rappers

          • I’m just very confused by why people are so upset when I say “This is great! (but it reminds me of high school and early college-era indie / emo CD collection.)” It appears to me many are focusing on their assumed dislike and disapproval of the music from that period for whatever reason, wanting to ignore that Waxahatchee sounds a lot like it (M. Nelson’s posts in the past have even likened it to the Get Up Kids, Pedro the Lion and the Promise Ring) but completely ignoring the part where I give it props. Hence, my frustration through these comments.

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  3. This is stupid. You’re all the worst, and spineless sheeple at that.

    • (Not for liking Waxahatchee — because as I’ve stated time and time again, I enjoy Crutchfield’s simple craft — but if there are only two people who have commented here (one being myself ) and I have -3 downvotes and counting, that means at least two people’s disfavor is unaccounted for. So, instead of hiding behind the anonymous curtain, how about you step out from it and offer up an insightful counterpoint instead of copping out with a downvote?

  4. How are you doing today, Michael_?

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