Seven hours ago, a status update on Morrissey’s Facebook page announced the singer’s return to live performance following a bout with illness, saying:

Morrissey will resume his North American tour with a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday, February 26 followed by a 27-city tour with newly added cities.

This was followed about one hour ago with another update, revising the previous one:

Morrissey is thankful for being invited to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow, February 26. However, he cannot morally be on a television program where the cast members of Duck Dynasty will also be guests. Morrissey would be honored to play the show, if Duck Dynasty were removed.

This of course follows Moz’s insane (and still unresolved!) back-and-forth with the Staples Center regarding their agreement/lack thereof that the venue go 100% vegetarian when the singer performs there on 3/1.

Look, morally he’s being basically consistent here: Morrissey is an animal-rights advocate; Duck Dynasty is a (very popular) show about dudes who make a fortune selling devices used by hunters to trick ducks into thinking other ducks are in the area, causing them to abandon their natural defenses, so they can be killed more easily. Of course, if he follows this line of logic to its natural conclusion, he’s eventually going to find himself morally unable to play for anyone, anywhere, with a frustrated audience not interested in hearing him anymore anyway. <--REAL TALK, MOZ! I mean, in my eyes, the guy can do no wrong, and I think this is totally hilarious, but he's got to think about a broader fanbase here. The disappointment dealt to fans will soon outweigh the blows struck on behalf of animals, and folks like me are not keeping the lights on in the chalet.


The picture at the the top of this page is Moz with a … turkey? I dunno. I don’t think it’s a duck. But pictures of Moz + ducks aren’t quite as easy to track down as pictures of Moz + cats, so I just figured, poultry is poultry.

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  2. Next up, Morrissey cancels Saturday’s Hollywood High School gig, citing a protest against the distribution from which their school lunch skim milk cartons come from.

  3. Who wrote this?! Check the quote again vs. the title and the story. It’s Kimmel. Not Fallon.

    Fact check people.

  4. Nothing wrong with having a moral code and sticking to it. Morrissey is definitely a jerk and has some questionable racial attitudes but the demonization of his commitment to his ethics is fucking stupid, tbh.

    • Nope it’s really not, here’s why: don’t tour or be very careful about your venues beforehand, don’t be surprised let alone outraged when there is a vender that sells meat at a huge festival like Coachella, or when Staples Center won’t close their meat serving vendors, or when a talk show has other guests that support the eating of meat. It does not show him sticking to a moral code when he cancels or walks out of these shows, it shows no commitment, all it shows an inconsiderate and frankly not very bright musician that wants to be portrayed as more important, impressive, and moral than he actually is.

      • His moral code is to play no venue that serves meat. Say what you want about the premise, but you can’t deny he’s been consistent in following it.

        Nothing you conclude about Morrissey follows from the evidence you offer. For instance, how does canceling shows at venues that don’t honor the “no meat” clause in his contract somehow show that he “wants to be portrayed as more important…than he actually is”? Or, how is “show[ing] no commitment” (I assume you mean to the venue of performance?) somehow in conflict with that original “no meat” premise? Those are all huge logical jumps – and speculative at best.

        • Don’t schedule shows at venues that serve meat, that is how you would honor that particular moral code. Instead though, he schedules shows at these venues and then decides to cancel them or walk off of the stage during his performance. As far as the commitment comment goes I was mostly saying that these actions do not show commitment, which is what the previos poster had claimed, but you yes you’re right that canceling shows and walking off the stage come pretty close to being the opposite of following through on a commitment made to both the venue and the fans. Also, while you might not think canceling shows and walking off of the stage are more attention-grabbing tactics than not scheduling those shows in the first place, I feel like you must understand at least part of his pompousness when he feels the need to make sure to mention that Paul McCartney was not able to conquer the same feat as him in a press release meant to celebrate a “victory for animals.”

          • OK, I see what you’re saying. I guess I just take Morrissey at his word when he says that those venues are failing to honor the contract they agreed upon – but I could be wrong, who knows.

  5. Most male ducks are rapists though. Just saying.

  6. I really thought this was already understood, but here’s the thing: Morrissey is a crazy person. He’s going to have some… let’s call them eccentricities. This is virtually a non-story when you consider who it’s coming from.

  7. Moz is starting to alienate me as a fan, but for different reasons than those highlighted in this article. i get that he is “sick” and his mother was allegedly sick…i get that. i get that those events caused him to miss scheduled shows in my city (twice). but what i don’t get is that every time he kicks off his tour, he adds more shows that invariably wear him out. leading him to postponing previously scheduled shows.

    too bad he isn’t as interested in honoring his scheduled shows as much as he is in pushing his vegan/vegetarian agenda.

  8. not to get too weird here but have you guys seen what a duck’s penis looks like??? while im not saying they deserve to die, i do think what they’re packing is something id rather not live alongside. youtube at your own risk

  9. I don’t give a damn about the animal rights cause, I’m just glad someone took a moral stand against Duck Dynasty.

  10. Looks like the Moz ducked out on another performance.

  11. I’m a huge Morrissey fan btw, I hink the point here is WHAT WAS HE GOING TO SING ANYWAY in late night talk show land? a 5 year old “Throwing my arms around paris”? A hooped up smiths number? one of the maybe 3 new songs he’s been hawking live for the previous 3 tours? Maybe he’s saving himself while staying typically nutty in the press.

  12. He’s becoming a bigger Cunt than Quvenzhané Wallis.

  13. Is this the closest picture we could find of Morrissey with a duck?

  14. Appearing on a talk show with the duck dynasty goons would infringe upon my ethics as well, and I’m a carnivore.

  15. Ugh, another duck h8r.

  16. wouldn’t it be better to do the show despite the ‘duck dynasty’ fellas and state his position on national television? don’t get me wrong, I love moz but it seems like he’s taking the easy way out.

  17. Morissey is becoming more and more insufferable every day. Instead of advancing his issues and furthering the debate… He refuses to make appearances. As if thats going to teach carnivores a lesson. “Honey, Morrissey isn’t doing Fallon tonight!!! Maybe we were wrong… maybe meat IS murder?”

  18. If you watch excerpts from the show the Duck Dynasty guys say they respect his convictions and completely understand his decision.

    Leave it up to Moz to make hunting business tycoons seem graceful and down to earth.

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