The Men - New Moon

The Men do not sleep. Next week, the Brooklyn scuzz-rock quartet will release New Moon, their third album in three years. Over the last two, they’ve gradually grown more melodic and accessible without losing the primal scrape of their early music, and on first listen, New Moon seems to continue the progressions. We’ve posted the early tracks “Electric” and “I Saw Her Face,” and now you can hear the whole thing over at Pitchfork.

New Moon is out 3/5 on Sacred Bones.

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  1. This album is outstanding (on the first two listens). It sounds like The Men grew tired of being a modern indie band, so they became an early 90′s one instead.

  2. When Pitchfork Advance premiered, I noticed a coincidence between labels no longer sending out their own advances to the press as early as they used to and leaks not occurring as preemptively as they have in past years. At first, I was irked because a few labels do send pre-listens my way from time to time and it was fun having something most others did not, but actually — having just seen New Moon leaked last night and its P4k Advance going live today, I think it’s quite nice that the time between when the public is officially given go ahead to hear an album and its actual release date is being controlled better lately. It beats having to read some glutenous critic at (insert whatever publication here) teasing / gloating on Twitter about how great an album is or something trickling out months in advance.

    • I like Pitchfork Advance a lot–in theory. In practice, the sound quality is so shitty that I haven’t really been able to get through a whole album. I can’t stand that washy/rainstick-y background sound. I know that it’s an early stream and all, but c’mon, labels/Ptchfork/whomever. It’s like listening to a song encoded at 96 kbps mp3, and nobody likes that.

      • I haven’t listened to a lot of the Advance streams, so I’m hoping the sound quality is a P4K problem and not the way the album was mixed. I can tell that there are good songs somewhere on this album, but it sounds like a bar band’s live performance recording.

      • I just don’t like that there’s no pause function. (If there IS a pause button somewhere in there, please point it out to me and you win today.)

    • new moon leaked days ago

      • but i know what you mean. wasn’t try to stir up anything. p4k advance really only gets a handful of albums at once though, so i guess it sometimes is better controlled. really, i just like how you’re able to digitally look through the album with each listen. we can tell our kids how we used to press enter on our computers and sift through digital pages of albums, and how disapproving we are of the spotify music chips installed in their brains at birth

      • Sorry I didn’t catch the leak days ago, handsome. The sites I depend on didn’t get them until yesterday. I guess all the cool kids use what? or whatevs, but I’ve never been privy to an invite there.

        • go to and check out the recently leaked albums page.. you’ll know when/what’s up and then you can root around for whatever strikes your fancy.

  3. This album is awesome.

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