Atoms For Peace - "Ingenue" video

After Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower” video, the world obviously needed more of Thom Yorke’s freakily rubber-limbed dancing. And now we’ve got some of it in director Garth Jennings’s new video for “Ingenue,” a song from Amok, the debut album of Yorke’s new band Atoms For Peace. In the clip, Yorke and contemporary dancer Fukiko Takase, in identical old-timey suits and ponytails, get down in an empty theater. This guy is, as ever, just fun to watch. Have fun turning this one into gifs; it’s below.

Amok is out now on XL.

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  1. Ah hell. How am I supposed to consentrate at work when videos like this pop up?? Now all I wanna do is rubber limb my way around the office to this song…


  2. *Ingenious :D

  3. Bono is so pissed off right now that he wasn’t invited to this dance party.

  4. Wait, which one is Thom Yorke?! It’s hard to tell lol


  5. Sadly I don’t think the gifs/everything else will ever beat the edit someone did of thom spastically shooting justin bieber to death. :(((

  6. Blink and you miss it: Thom Yorke smiling

  7. definitely my favorite song on this record. anyone else?

  8. So, yeah, a Thom York dance-off is just a entertaining as it sounds.

  9. All the sudden I thought, “She must be pretty short…”

  10. The only thing that could make this better (or worse..?) is a little bit o’ this in the background

  11. I wonder how much Thom had to pay the Ghostland Observatory dude to be in this.

  12. Thom demonstrates once again that the line between “genius” and “total nutter” is a fine one indeed.

  13. When was the last time someone saw Thom Yorke give a fuck?

  14. Although Thom is kinda pioneering it groups like Dutch Uncles are doing this dance video thing now too.

  15. Do you guys think, that when Pablo Honey was coming out, that Thom thought he’d one day be choreographed dance videos? I can dig it.

  16. Lol. They need to make a meme out of this-FAST!

  17. Thom Yorke is pure eye candy. He needs to lose the chick.

  18. anyone knows who is the choreographer behind this excellent thing?

  19. cut the crap yorke. get out your guitar and play. enough bleepy music, with you droning over the top of it.

  20. Waittt… Is Thom Yorke our David Byrne?

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