Father John Misty

Last night, The Tonight Show had a rather unlikely musical guest: The debonair and dark-hearted self-made singer-songwriter Father John Misty, who should probably never appear anywhere that well-lit. In his FJM alter-ego, J. Tillman cranked out a rollicking version of “I’m Writing A Novel,” one of the many highlights from his Fear Fun album. Given the decor on Leno’s set, the whole thing seemed beamed in from some seedy ’70s alternate reality. Watch it below.

Fear Fun is out now on Sub Pop.

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  1. Fear Fun most underrated album of 2012.

  2. “Who should never appear anywhere that well lit.” Don’t be a peen, Tom.

    FJM, please turn into a band with these players as permanent members. Think this is the same lineup I saw him/them with/as, and the guitarist fucking shreds.

    • Benji killed it when I saw them in Columbus and Cleveland. The show at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland was amazing. J. jived and gyrated all over the stage the whole show eventually crashing face first into a cymbal and having to leave the stage while the rest of the band finished Canned Heat’s “On the Road Again”. Ended up finding out later via social media that J. had to go to the hospital D: !!

    • Replace the word “peen” above with “blogger” or “critic,” and the true dilemma is revealed. I was being a snark narc.

      Don’t hate the player, hate the game sonnn.

    • Absolutely should be the band all the time. Wish they kept the 50 y/o drummer that was in the kcrw sessions.

      Also the guitarists tone is unreal, that’s gotta be a b-bender right?

    • Benji Lysaght on guitar.

  3. GQ’s rocker of the year? Damn straight.

    Also, “We could do ayahuasca, baby if I wasn’t holding all these drinks” is perhaps my favorite lyric from 2012.

  4. AGAIN!, only viewable in the USA.

  5. I was there just to see him. Everyone was really polite. I wonder if he has a bunch of new retirement-aged fans from this.

  6. I think I’m in love with Jeffertitti. I met him once and I melted.

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