David Bowie - The Next Day

At the year’s beginning, David Bowie made a whole lot of people happy by announcing the imminent release of The Next Day, his first studio album in a decade. We’ve already posted the early tracks “Where Are We Now?” and “The Stars (Are Out Tonight).” Now, a week and a half before the album drops, we can listen to the whole thing online, and you should get ready to be surprised. On first listen, it’s a deeply impressive and committed album, with more of the cold, dry precision of Bowie’s Berlin trilogy than we could reasonably expect the man to muster at this late stage. Listen to it at iTunes.

The Next Day is out 3/12 on Columbia.

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  1. Fuck iTunes.

  2. I do rather like this…

  3. Surprised at how great this really is.

  4. Hey, The Stars Are Out Tonight is actually amazing. Not Ashes to Ashes-level amazing etc, but a damn lovely pop tune. Overall, really, really good. A super easy and kinda fun listen. Shades of Berlin era and Scary Monsters as well as Heathen & Reality. Great instrumentals and textures, actually a great energy.
    It’s far better than Reality and about as good as Heathen. Maybe the melodies aren’t as strong, and it’s sort of conventional at times, but there’s lots to enjoy.

    • In my humble opinion, I say its even better then Heathen :) I know I’m still digesting these listens ( only 2), but I can see it ranking up to Scary Monsters….and maybe in a decade, it might be considered on the level of Ziggy. Bob Dylan did it and came back so strong and vital. Nice to see an equally talented legend doing the same. Praying he has more great material in the canon :) Well done Bowie!

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      • No trolling, just keepin it real. Takes alot more than 2 listens before ya start throwing around that trophy case of albums

        • I politely disagree with you. The album sounds outstanding and it outshines anything he’s done 00′s and 90′s. It certainly is his best reviewed record since Scary Monsters. If you don’t believe me, check out the current slate of reviews which are all 5 star reviews easy. General consensus, speaking int terms of actual reviews, is that it INDEED is his highest rated album ( thus far) since Scary Monsters. Don’t get your dig. When I listened to OK Computer for the 1rst time, I knew it was one for the ages. In a music pool filled with mediocrity, you know when you hear a record that has true viable staying power. You’d have to agree that his work in the 00′s and 90′s, was spotty at best. Heathen was pretty good, but come on…you really don’t agree that this record is his best since the 80s’? What do you concede is better? Not to sound like a prick. To each his own I know.I hope I don’t sound like a music snob, but I just recognize that this album ( as a long time Bowie fan) is indeed the best one he has put out since the early 80′s. You could argue it as good as Let’s Dance, or almost as good or as good as Scary Monsters, but I and most critics ( which in fairness, professional critic I am not, but genuine music lover I am) and his long time fans and collaborators seem to all agree that this album IS that good! Have you listened to it? Peace.

          • I’m upvoting for you based on your passion ma man. I have listened to it, and it’s a great romp but there’s nothing going on here in the classic Bowie trendsetting sense, not that I would ever expect him to at this point in his career. It’s a great listen, but when it sounds this accessible right outta the gate like this does, to me it means it’s staying power will be short lived.
            I love Bowie but what makes him unique are the wild paths he takes on his albums, and this is not wild, by any means.

            This album sounds like a victory lap to me. It sags in the middle, but graciously takes us on a ride through quick examples of his earlier work along the way. He sounds great, but let’s just not go infusing some immediate classic album label to it. But, you sound like a true Bowie fan, and the fact you’re that into this is great. I pray that when The Stones decide to do something like this, it comes half as close.

          • Thank you kind sir ;) I’m hoping it continues to grow on me.

      • Er…………………………yes.

  5. wham, bam, thank you ma’am

  6. Nobody has the right to sound this awesome at age 66. I’m completely digging this.

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    • if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all

    • What on earth are you talking about? I’ve listened to this album and its not a going back to basics…its Bowie doing what he does best-BEING BOWIE. Don’t be such a prickly annoying pear ruining the party. I don’t know if you’ve exactly researched the background of this album, but this is the first time in a while he brought back Tony Viscotti and they;ve worked together on many of his classic records. If this were released in 1977, it would still be pretty awesome, even great, because it has nothing to do with the “hype machine” or any of the other left field FOX news style allusions you are trying to make. What a foolish post. Seriously. Get over yourself and just enjoy Bowie’s best album since maybe the 80s. Seriously it IS that great. Listen to it again ( or have you even done that), and make an opinion based on the songs, not the “hype machine” or other conspiracy theory sounding rhetoric.

    • Summary: I don’t like this so nobody should.

    • titusbellinger: too cool to like new bowie

    • That you, Corky?

  8. This album makes me feel old. Could have been released 20 years from now

  9. Is that really the album cover?

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  11. Can we as a people get over the whole ” best since Scary Monsters” thingy?
    Personally, I think Let’s Dance and Lodger were better than Scary Monsters as a whole. While SM had some of his best songs ever, as an album it gets sleepy on the second side.

  12. Excellent!! Love hearing this news…

  13. His first single was cryptic. Was he literally showing us that the bottle is empty?

    This is my interpretation of Where Are We Now (David Bowie)

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