Milk Music - Cruise Your Illusion

The fuzzed-out Pacific Northwestern punks Milk Music will release their new album Cruise Your Illusion next month, and for those of us who still love damaged and battered guitar flare-ups, that is a very good thing indeed. We’ve posted their song “I’ve Got A Wild Feeling,” and now here’s a lurching number called “Cruising With God,” which is giving me that old Wipers feeling. This song pretty much rules, and you can hear it below.

Cruise Your Illusion is out 4/2 on Fat Possum.

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    • Tots didn’t mean for that link to go on for the entire paragraph. Missed my closing tag!

    • Dude, it’s punk. Punk is punk and there’s no problem with it.

      • Not really — As a (much larger) example, just look at how the reaction toward Bad Religion has been met this year: Favorable and welcome — almost like they’re “cool” again. A new Bad Religion album five years ago would have been met with indifference, because it wasn’t “noise pop” or “nu gaze” or whatever revitalized genre faction was being shilled out in the press at the time. Right now, “punk” is buzzy and hence, more value is being assigned to all of these underground bands who actually share much of the same stylistic formulas regardless of location.

        • Reinventing the wheel is nice when it happens, but it has only happened around five times in the entire history of rock. Most rock musicians work within the box of a predetermined style, adding gradual variations to the mix as they progress from album to album, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The only things that really matter are whether a band’s melodies are original and compelling, whether the songs have some substance to them, and whether the band is sincere about what they’re doing. That is how to judge a rock album; anything else is icing. and The word “punk” encompasses a ton of genres that may or may not have a whole lot in common with the general public’s definition, i.e., the Ramones. I think any apparent variations in popularity for a particular genre of punk are only perceptible to someone who reads a bunch of blogs. Real punk bands of every genre are as underground as they have been since the late nineties. Does one genre’s temporary rise in popularity reflect any sort of spike in quality for a scene or bands of that ilk? I would say sometimes yes and sometimes no, but as for Milk Music, they absolutely are one of the best new bands out there. This is the sort of band who actually learned something from the Pixies, NIRVANA, and Built to Spill and who are also managing to forge their own path.

          • I’m just merely asking the questions that nobody else seems to want to do, and judging by the responses above, I’d say my goal in getting the discussion going further beyond “I like this. It rocks.” or “It is punk, therefore it is good.” has been achieved.

            Anyhow, Milk Music probably has a band like Violent Soho wishing they had held off releasing their debut three years later.

          • Oh God, I didn’t realize you had a “goal” and that I was facilitating one of your ego trips. I should have known it was a trap. *SIGH* So much for casually talking about music…

          • Haha Hanna, don’t ever change, man. And besides, entrapment or not, it’s more interesting than 100+ upvote GIFs.

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