Sufjan Stevens

On his Tumblr, Sufjan Stevens shared an unfinished song; apparently, he’d forgotten that it existed. To hear Sufjan tell it, he found “Give A Little Love” on an old hard drive, and thinks it may have been intended for his 2010 All Delighted People EP. It’s a soft but jittery ballad with a full choir backing up Sufjan, and it’s nice enough that I can’t figure out why Sufjan never got around to finishing or releasing it. In any case, you can listen to it below.

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  1. This has a really nice chorus. The “don’t be distracted” bit makes me think it might have been destined for “Age of Adz” instead of “All Delighted People”.

    And, I was rummaging around in my coat pocket this morning and found a peanut butter sandwich I made in 2010 that I forgot to eat … it was pretty good too. God, Suf and I are so much alike, doncha think?

  2. How can you forget about a gem like this for three years?

  3. New to this blog. I like this song. He usually has so many b sides that are just as good too. Ditto for his life performance archive.

  4. Lot of autotune on here

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