As you might know already, Baauer’s song “Harlem Shake” fueled an Internet meme last month, seeing hundreds of thousands of individuals posting YouTube videos of themselves doing random dances set to the song. It’s a cultural phenomenon for sure, but as the New York Times pointed out yesterday, the videos are not inspired by the actual Harlem shake, a dance that originated in New York City over 30 years ago. Now, the writers behind The Simpsons have picked up on meme as well. Check out “The Homer Shake” below, which sees a cast of characters from the show doing random dances set to a parody of the song. (Spoiler alert: still no actual Harlem shaking to be found.)

And in case you missed it on Videogum last month, also check out a video of Harlem residents responding to “Harlem Shake” videos.

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  2. Jebus, if one more culturally self-righteous blogger points out that “…none of the people are *actually* doing the harlem shake”, I’m going to lodge a complain with the Internet. Which is to say, I’m going to tweet at Al Gore in ALLCAPS.

    • I associate the Harlem Reaction video to a bunch of fans of a band reacting to finding out that same band changed their sound and are no insanely popular.

  3. I recently had a long debate with two of my friends over whether or not the Harlem Shake is racist/inappropriate. While I think that most black people outside of the New York (and Harlem in particular) could care less about the name associated with the meme I think that it’s gotten completely out of hand and is annoying as hell.

  4. Nothing is more annoying that people seeming like they are having exuberant fun in some sort of communal fashion. In contrast to cynical detachment or internet pedantry, which is definitely not annoying.

  5. Based on that reaction video, Morrissey must be the king of Harlem.

  6. Maggie does the actual Harlem Shake at the top of the video.

  7. The Simpsons has been culturally irrelevant and creatively bankrupt since 1999. It plods on, as though in a coma, each eye twitch seemingly signaling a return to consciousness, but no, it’s dead and hopeless. This show, once the brightest of its age, is now a true abomination. First, it opened with Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” then it opened with “The Harlem Shake”. It does sound like a horror movie tagline. For a once brilliant series gone off the rails that is abysmally and colossally horrid.

    • The downvoter must also be a fan of “Family Guy”.

      • Wow! I am simply amazed. Has anybody grown up with this show in the 90s and seen its gradual death knewll decline in the ’00s? Either I’m dealing with teenagers who had no golden Simpsons age era to emvrace, or just people who legitimately think the Simpsons is still a creatively viable enterprise. Amazing!

        • P.S. Sorry for the type-os.

        • I wasn’t old enough to appreciate the golden age of “The Simpsons” in the 90s. I was born in December Of 1992. Though, I do agree with you. The 8th season was the last truly great season of the show, then it started to go downhill in the 9th season.

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  9. Some relationships are hard.

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