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Beautiful creatures died deaths for no reason, and then were served at the Staples Center last night :( After a lengthy and confusing back-and-forth between Morrissey and the Staples Center regarding whether or not Moz’s L.A. show last night would be 100% vegetarian, the venue ultimately could not bring itself to stand against animal suffering entirely, even for a just a few hours. According to tweets from concert-goers, meat was sold at the Staples Center. However, there were many victories for the animals as well: Morrissey did manage to successfully shut down the Staples Center’s McDonalds, and the floor level was entirely vegetarian. Those are pretty big accomplishments; surely there were at least a few folks who re-thought their consumption habits for at least one night, and that is very cool, Moz. As he recently told Rookie: “The most political gesture you can make is to refuse to eat animals.” Watch a live video of the Smiths playing “Meat is Murder” below.

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  1. Stereogum’s weird allegiance to Morrissey makes me uncomfortable.

  2. This is not news.

  3. “The most political gesture you can make is to refuse to eat animals.”
    Fuck you Moz, The fact you put animal rights before your own human rights and your sexuality just makes you a worthless dick. I don’t want you on our team anymore. You’re a bully and a selfish twat.

  4. Liz, why is it cool if people rethink their consumption habits and reach he conclusion that eating meat is wrong? I would argue that people who don’t eat meat haven’t thought hard enough about their consumption habits. My father is a doctor, and people who are vegans/vegetarians are always coming into his office with vitamin deficiencies and weird health problems. If you have to take supplements to stay healthy, you are clearly going against nature. You are forcing something that was never intended. Your body is supposed to have at least 50g of protein a day; that is how it is made. You are clearly supposed to be eating some meat in your diet. Humans are not separate from nature. They too are a part of the circle of life (which is also the best and most frequently used argument for being environmentally conscious). We ought not abuse our position at the top of the food chain, and it is obviously unhealthy to be eating red meat all the time. Choose three or four meats, and eat those. That’s what the lion does. We don’t need to eat EVERY animal, so people, put down the ostrich. I don’t buy from companies that torture animals, and I don’t eat veal or fois gras. I eat a few meats I enjoy according to what my body requires, and I am in good health.

    • You can be a perfectly healthy vegetarian without taking supplements. The same can’t be said for some of the more extreme vegan options. Steve Jobs is a pretty good example of this.

      There really is no such thing as the right diet. Each one is going to have its pros and cons in terms of health, impact on the environment, and “moral issues.” Then there’s the whole taste thing. Vegans can go on about how they’re not missing out, but they are. Any that tell you otherwise probably don’t enjoy food all that much.

      • The biggest joke is the way that they are always buying foods that aim to imitate the flavor of the ones they are denying themselves. “Oh no, we don’t miss it at all!”

    • Well congrats on avoiding food associated with animal torture.
      But I don’t think the nature thing morally justifies anything. Do we go around throwing our own fieces like monkeys because it’s natural ? (silly example, I know). Is the internet something natural ? Murder is something natural, does it make it morally acceptable ? Mankind has moved on from nature, We are cultural beings. There’s nothing natural about going to the store and buying some chicken for dinner. Everyone can decide whether they are okay with killing animals in order to eat them or not. Eating meet equals to selfishly enjoying our position on top of the food chain and our domination on nature.
      I believe people who refuse to eat meat can take dietary supplement to get all the needed vitamins and stuff.

      PS: I’m not trying to talk people into going vegan, I do eat meat.

      • Not eating meat is a choice unless it isn’t: I’d like to see Moz try to survive in a rural African village, or an Inuit communty for a month. Vegetarianism on moral grounds can be and often is an exercise in economic privilege. Do it! By all means, but the sanctimony would go right out the window once your belly starts to distend.

      • Your body does not require murder or throwing feces. One should live in a way that satisfies one’s physical requirements as ordained by nature and one’s responsibilities as a part of nature. For any being who is biologically predetermined to be a carnivore or an omnivore (which is what humans are), consuming meat is a very natural thing. The means by which this is accomplished differ from being to being, but the end is the same–to satisfy a physical requirement for a type of nutrition. If mankind has moved on from nature, as you say, then man has no responsibility to preserve it. Just because humans have complex thought processes and engage in some activities that extend beyond the natural state does not mean they are not part of nature. It is impossible to extricate oneself from nature. We come from it, we consume it, and we help propagate it. This misunderstanding of humans as being separate from nature is a big part of why the environment has been threatened so much in the last century. Again, if you find you need to take a dietary supplement, then this is because you are avoiding your true physical nature and your true place in the grand scheme of things. Someone who does this is engaging in deprivation to validate a belief that man has completely transcended nature and therefore has some higher moral calling; ironically, these same people are the ones who argue that one should not kill animals because doing so is “murder,” a term which equates the value of animal life with that of human life.

        • You are right. But Morrissey doesn’t live in a third world country, so the question needs not be asked

          • The question needs to be asked because it validates the humility Morrissey should be exhibiting if he’s going to have any credibility outside of those already in his camp. “You’re a shitty person and I’m better than you and can have nothing to do with you” hasn’t worked for the religious world, and it got there by not asking themselves the right questions to bring their thoughts outside of their own head. It sure as hell won’t work for Morrissey either.

        • Michael, the body requires proteins, not meat.
          A lot of vegans also get their proteins needs fullfilled by other types of food. And the moral question is not the only reason for which some people choose not to eat meat. It is also better for the environment and for your health.Vegetarians tend to weigh less, have lower cholesterol, live longer, and have fewer serious diseases. So although meat is delicious and full of proteins, vegetarianism makes sense.

          About the nature-culture divide, you are kinda right, so maybe I should rephrase. Humans are not completely but partially seprated from nature, otherwise We wouldn’t be discussing this here. So again, I don’t think the nature thing justifies anything if We think about it.

          • The “nature thing” is a point that matters a lot because the reality is that most vegans/vegetarians have committed to their lifestyle and try to force it on others because they believe it is morally superior, that is the correct way to live (which is why this discussion occurred in the first place). As for health, did you read my first post? I’ll take my father’s opinion that is based on nearly 40 years of experience over yours. Anything in excess is deadly, and Steve Jobs is unfortunately a perfect example of that. Also, I live near Austin, and while it is generally a pretty fit city and you will meet mostly vegans/vegetarians who are pale and twiglike a la Nick Zinner, I have run into a surprising number of overweight vegans/vegetarians. It always makes me laugh and I don’t know what would cause that, but if a person is too thin or too heavy, it is often the case that something in their diet is out of balance. Nothing in excess yields the best results. I already noted that there are alternative sources of vitamins and protein, but if you have to look for alternative sources (created food and pills), you are not doing what you are SUPPOSED to do as part of the natural order. Vegans/vegetarians are attempting to operate outside of it, and when you attempt to operate outside of it (though it cannot really be done) you will necessarily do so by creating imitations of things already available naturally, an act which both reiterates your predetermined role in nature and inevitably compromises nature through the factories needed to make and distribute the products that previously did not exist.

    • this was a very well-written paragraph, that got very joe howse-esque at the end

    • Oh please. I bet your father is one of the brainwashed doctors that recommends taking various pharmaceutical drugs to “cure” ailments. I live in Loma Linda, the ONLY blue zone in the entire United States. And guess what, most of us are vegetarians and vegans who regularly live into our 90s and 100s. And considering most of the city is inhabited by doctors and nurses, such as my family, I’d like for your father to try and convince us that we are wrong. Pshhhh.

      • Well that was rather presumptuous. “I have zero knowledge on you, your father, and his medical practices, but I’m going to make a sweeping generalization and say he’s WRONG.”

      • Yes, taking antibiotics to wipe out bacterial infections would be insane. You sound like a real genius. It’s funny that you used the word “brainwashed” because I’m getting a sort of scientologist vibe from you. It’s always seemed to me that being a vegan/vegetarian is rather like being in a cult. Certainly, there’s plenty of crossover with the PETA (an organization based not far from where I grew up) crowd, which is a lot like a cult with all if its false claims, histrionics, and misuse of unquestioning members’ money.
        For the record, my father has a lot of older patients who have been under his care for years and all four of my grandparents made it to at least 90, in no small part due to my father’s advice and involvement. No one in my family is a vegan/vegetarian.

        • Nope, Scientology is a complete enigma and creepy religion. And I am sorry for making a generalization about your father, but I just get annoyed when people say vegetarians and vegans lack nutrients. I get a lot of protein from nuts and quinoa. And everyone, omnivores and herbivores, needs to be taking supplements. Let’s just agree to disagree.

        • “The reality is that most vegans/vegetarians have committed to their lifestyle and try to force it on others because they believe it is morally superior”. I am not sure this is true. There are assholes everywhere, but it’s more like the other way round. Based on my experience, I would say that meat eaters tend to have difficulties accepting that vegans chose to eat differently. Look at all the hate and mockery towards vegans in the comment section.

          About the health benefits of vegetarianism, it is not my experience. It’s science. It has been proved. You are opposing science and research with a subjective point of view (based on the people near Austin, your father’s patients and your grandparents).

          I don’t believe we are SUPPOSED to eat meat. There is no god or nature masterplan or such thing. We are not slaves to a natural order. We can choose, that’s what I like about being human.

          Steve Jobs cannot be used as an example here. He was a food psycho who didn’t wash and would eat an apple week. And I am not exagerating, check his biography.

          Comparing Vegetarianism to scientology is dishonest. Scientology is a cult. Your contempt toward vegans is weird, maybe You ought to think about it.

          But maybe We should stop this debate at some point and just agree to disagree bro.

          • You still don’t get it? Every living thing is a slave to the natural order, and that has nothing to do with the existence of any God or masterplan. The body’s needs are what they are independent of any choice one makes or does not make. If one does not resort to using supplements and exists on a wholly natural diet, it is much easier to satisfy those needs by eating a balanced diet made up of fruit, vegetables, bread, and meat. That’s how the food pyramid came to be. An argument from design does not hold up to scrutiny if we are arguing about the existence of God, but it does hold up to scrutiny if we are talking about the diets of animals. Animals naturally gravitate towards certain kinds of food based on their nutritional requirements. The same is true for human beings, and since you can fulfill every nutritional requirement by eating a balanced diet but will at best have difficulty doing so without some meat in your diet, it is obvious that human beings are designed to be omnivores. You do know that scientists still classify humans as omnivores, right? You can eat 10,000 chocolate bars a year, but that doesn’t mean that you were supposed to do that. That wasn’t what your body needed. Need is what dictates what you are supposed to be doing in terms of nutrition, and if your nutritional needs could not be easily fulfilled in the natural state (or without compromising your health in some way), you are eating in a way that runs contrary to your nature, your physical makeup that was ordained by centuries of evolution and over which you have no control. I would guess that the reason that I keep running into overweight vegetarians/vegans is because the number of calories in the amount of fruit/vegetables one must ingest to get the required daily amount of protein is higher than in, say, a couple of skinless chicken breasts. Also, look at the fat content and amount of protein in a serving of nuts. You would end up ingesting a lot more fat to get the same amount of protein you could easily get from a skinless chicken breast, which is quite low in fat. If one is fulfilling the body’s needs, one would either have to take some supplements or exercise like a madman if eating a wholly natural diet. Vegan/vegetarian lifestyles amount to trying to force a square peg into a round hole. It is eating according to a want dictated by a moral perception, not eating according to a need dictated by actual physical requirements. Also, whether Steve Jobs deviated from the accepted fruitarian diet or not, the accepted fruitarian diet was the one that landed Ashton Kutcher in the hospital with pancreas problems; he was not doing anything obviously stupid like eating one apple a week. One can find articles and studies that support both sides, but I think it is very noteworthy that most doctors are not advising people to adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. If that really was the healthiest, wouldn’t all those people who spend hours upon hours reading medical journals be telling their patients that a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle is best? Wouldn’t this also trickle down to most health classes? Food for thought:

    • I’m bloody outraged at how this thing has blown up in everyone’s face. As an animal, I certainly stand up for the rights of my kind. You may find a sick irony in my name and occupation-that of a RECIPE BEAR-but I (usually) always point people towards healthy meat free, vegetarian meals, even vegan alternatives for the super culinary exclusive. Moz ( as we call him) seems to interpret the lifestyle of vegetarianism as a type of iron fisted dogma that unforgettably alienates everyone from the well intentioned causes of animals rights and healthy eating habits. As both bear, and health advocate, I would sympathize more with Morissey, as would my fellow bears, if his approach was less sensationalized and dogmatic, making health conscious individuals seem like terrorists. I certainly hope he will come to his senses a bit. Well, I am making a delicious soy latte in the den and I must get a wiggle on. Healthy eating habits everybody!
      -Recipe Bear

  5. “Beautiful creatures died deaths for no reason, and then were served at the Staples Center last night”

    What? Wouldn’t the reason be to eat them?
    I swear to god the only reason I keep coming to these articles is just to see how well Stereogum can come across as overly committed fanboys/girls.

  6. Actually that McDonald inside staples is often closed during concerts. I’ve only seen it open during sporting events. And I heard the bacon wrapped hot dog stands outside were making bank after the show :-)

  7. I find the most egregious hypocrisy of this type of fervent veganism apparent in the fact that, unless you grow and prepare 100% of your own food, there’s going to be SOME animal collateral damage. Farm equipment is going to kill small animals, habitats are going to be fucked up by planting crops, etcetera. It’s inherent in the cultivation process. At the end of the day this ideology becomes one that is only adhered to as far as the individual is willing to be inconvenienced. That’s some serious horse shit to proliferate and especially in such a manner as to make you a raging assfuck to pretty much most people.

    The idea that humans were not/are not meant to consume animal protein is preposterous, as it is widely known that there are health-essential nutrients derived ONLY from animal sources (if we’re being reasonable).

    There is nothing courageous or rebellious about being a vegetarian or vegan. That is a fucking dietary choice. It’s personal preference. I don’t care what your preference is, that’s not my problem, but be a reasonable person. Use your fucking brain everybody. There is far too much attention being paid to this out-of-touch semi-celebrity and his high horse.

  8. But the thing we’ll always have to wonder, and may never find out….

    What does MORRISSEY think about this?

  9. Apparently, Morrissey’s garage is full of old paint cans! what a weirdo!

  10. Vegetarians don’t get to eat bacon.

    • I don’t really miss it, either. Been a vegetarian for 15 years and I can only think of a couple times that the grilled pork belly tempted me. I know people who have failed at the lifestyle over bacon alone, though. For me it was cheese. I was perfectly happy being vegan for about a year until my overriding desire to eat stinky, aged, crystal filled, nutty tasting cheese drove me over the edge.

      In case you didn’t notice, I am NOT one of those preachy, looking down my nose veggies. Never have been. To each their own.

  11. Hi Liz. Welcome to Stereogum

  12. What has become of Stereogum…

  13. Why does every article on the internet about Morrissey include a Smiths video, usually Meat Is Murder? The guy does have his own catalog of songs.

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