Jeff Tweedy

Jeff Tweedy is auctioning off an eight-hour recording session at Wilco’s studio, The Loft, as part of a charity auction to benefit Chicago’s Northside College Prep, the school where his children are enrolled. The current highest bid $4,250, and bidding goes on for another ten days. Tweedy has previously produced albums for Low, Mavis Staples, and more. “Your session will be tracked by a staff engineer and overseen by Jeff Tweedy who will also help you produce and arrange your song,” reads the official description of the prize. “And maybe even play on it if you need him to! You will leave with a CD of a finished mix. Date to be determined according to schedules.” Head here for more info.

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  1. I’m sure whoever places the winning bid in this will be completely insufferable. Yet, Jeff Tweedy’s such a stand up guy that he’s willing to spend the day humoring some rich asshole just so he can help his kids’ school. That’s true selflessness, dog.

  2. this is surely gonna be the 8 longest hours of his life. The idea comes from good will but when great bands battle to get the money to pay studio time, you can’t help but see this auction as a sad joke. Just sell one of your guitars or somthin’

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