Rick Ross - "Ashamed" video

Usually, I can watch a rap video without being reduced to a puddle of jealousy from all the trappings of wealth. But fucking hell, Rick Ross gets to play with a tiger cub? (That’s a tiger cub, right?) How much money does it cost to hang out with a tiger cub? What decisions can I make in my life that’ll make that possible? In the DRE Films-directed video for “Ashamed,” a slow-burning soul-sampling highlight from last year’s God Forgives, I Don’t album, we also learn that Ross wears an entire dead fox on his shoulder and that he leaves his basketball jersey on in the swimming pool — a bit of a surprise, considering that he’s never been exactly shy about shirtlessness. Also, he seems to be a really big Sacramento Kings fan? He must be a League Pass guy. Watch the video below.

God Forgives, I Don’t is out now on MMG/Def Jam.

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  1. It’s easy. Just pretend to be a lord, even if it’s the opposite of what you are.

    Guard –> Drug lord
    Writer –> War lord

    and watch the money pilllle up.

  2. showing love for the maloofs

  3. I’m ashamed that I watched this.

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