Eleanor Friedberger - Personal Record

The Fiery Furnaces’ Eleanor Friedberger has made a new solo album called Personal Record, one that she co-wrote with the musician and writer Wesley Stace (who records as John Wesley Harding). The album arrives this summer, and the first single “Stare At The Sun” is a wordy, gently rollicking track that recalls ’70s studio-rock without radiating cocaine vibes. Listen to it below.

Personal Record is out 6/4 on Merge.

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  1. Her commentary about the album title and its potential puns is adorable. Nice tune, too.

  2. I’m loving the song, and I love Eleanor to pieces, but what I’d really like (pretty please!) is a new Fiery Furnaces album.

  3. I hate to say it, because I love everything about the Fiery Furnaces (Blueberry Boat is an all-time classic as far as I’m concerned), but I think this tune and the entire “Last Summer” is heads and shoulders better than the last 2 or 3 Furnaces records.

    • I think I’m Going Away was pretty darn good, and Widow City has some really good moments. But Last Summer was one of my favorite albums of 2011, and the new stuff she did live in support was really good (especially this and “When I Knew”). Looking forward to the studio versions.

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