Surfer Blood - Demon Dance

Here’s “Demon Dance,” the second look from Surfer Blood’s upcoming LP Pythons. As Tom noted in his “Weird Shapes” post, the band’s sound owes a lot to Weezer, but on this track they’re dishing very subtle country vibes along with their sunny garage-band static. Check it out below.

Pythons is out 6/11 on Warner Bros.

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  1. Weezer vibes? If memory serves correct, Astro Coast was more was more Bowie than Beach Boys.

    • Whoops, I was thinking of — what’s that other band that came out around the same time as them… You know, the one who had a new song earlier today that I mistakenly mixed up for Surfer Blood.



    • (This is more one of those you had to be there inside joke type things that I understand won’t be as funny to most of you as much as it self-humored me.)

  2. the world has turned and left me here (because i beat up my girl)

  3. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Mar 5th, 2013 +12

    would be tolerable if it weren’t for the boring nasal indie rock vocals. and the cookie cutter chorus. and also if the singer didnt beat his girlfriend that one time.

    • I think “Warner Bros” has something to do with it.

      • I know in reading about the recording of this that their producer ( I think Gil Norton? Pardon the ignorance) actually steered them more towards a bare bones approach in songwriting and recording. I’d like to see this album be really power pop. They may be on a major, but they could pull an MGMT Congratulations. Wishful thinking ;)

    • That the singer beat his girlfriend doesn’t change the quality of the music.

  4. It’s a nice song, but there was one that was released ( I forget) that sounded more Pixies. The chorus to this song is pretty nice,but the pace of the song is plodding. I like Surfer Blood, so I have more faith for the rest of the album.

  5. Nice tune on second thought.

  6. I don’t really care for this but I do think “Weird Shapes” was a good jam. I think I can still like Surfer Blood’s music without liking JPP as a person.

  7. pretty excited for this album. also, i’m growing tired of the ongoing demonizing of john paul pitts (nobody in this thread has really gotten into it, but i’ve seen it elsewhere). please indulge me for a moment:

    about seven months back, a police report alleged that pitts pinned his girlfriend down on a bed and shoved his fingers into her mouth. apparently, the girlfriend also bit his chest. okay.

    for one, the report doesn’t mention any face-punching or serious injury. as far as domestic violence incidents go, this is probably one of the more common and benign types. before anyone gets mad, i’m not trying to make excuses here; i’m only saying that we shouldn’t get the report twisted (put otherwise, he was never alleged to have “beaten” anybody).

    but more importantly, police reports, without being admitted as reliable trial evidence, are (a) considered allegations and (b) often do not tell the entire story. sure, something bad happened here. but i’d be willing to wager that the situation was a lot less cut-and-dry than we think. my guess is that the two were fighting, provocation was mutual, there was possibly some drugs and alcohol in the mix, and pitts lost control. HOWEVER – that’s only my guess. i have no idea what happened, and none of us do.

    being a fan of the oregon ducks, i can’t help but be reminded by this situation of what happened to lamichael james in 2010. after a police report alleged that he choked his then-girlfriend out, he was charged with domestic violence and internet duck-haters had a field day. like pitts, LMJ took a plea. months later, at his sentencing – and after further investigation had taken place – a set of facts substantially different than those in the police report were used by the court. per the new version of events, it was clear that lamichael still acted unlawfully, but the situation appeared to be much more understandable.

    lastly, i just want to say that people do screw up from time to time. under our justice system, society “forgives” offenders after they are penalized; you, however, are not obliged to forgive anyone for anything. but, that said, if you are set on forever reminding the world that pitts was once charged with domestic violence, you should also be prepared to forever shun anyone that you know who has a DUI (and i know that you all know at least one such person). think about that.

    • i should also probably mention that i only “care so much” about this issue because things are a bit slow at work right now.

    • I never want to live in a world where a person is the equivalent of one of their actions.

    • Man I heard he’s like a nazi racist though and hates women, so he MUST have HIT her. :(((

    • I wouldn’t really compare a DUI to domestic violence, both are bad, however, while driving under the influence very easily could harm others unintentionally, domestic abuse is a choice, whether under the influence or not. Hitting in the face/beating or not, it was domestic violence and forced behavior. I know you say you’re not trying to make excuses, however, you go on to speculate that it was mutual, drugs and alcohol were in the mix, and he just lost control (all common/ridiculous excuses for domestic abuse). It’s clear he fucked up and yeah no one should be “the equivalent of one of their actions” but it’s a horrible thing he did and if people want to choose not to like his music because of that it makes a lot of sense. It seems like you are trying to find a way to be okay with what he did so you don’t feel bad about liking his music, which is fine, I just don’t see why you care that other people aren’t so quick to accept the incident.

    • You’re right. Nobody here knows what the fuck happenned.

  8. Solid track, i’m excited for the new record.

  9. pretty catchy track, it would make one hell of a Folgers jingle

  10. “Surfer Blood” reminds me of “The Smoking Popes”

  11. Surfer Blood reminds me of a band I won’t care about in a year’s time.

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