M83 - StarWaves

Anthony Gonzalez, the man behind M83, and TRON: Uprising score-composer Joseph Trapanese have crafted the music for upcoming Tom Cruise sci-fi vehicle Oblivion. This first sampling of their work, “StarWaves,” is an ascending soundscape that transforms from a calming organ kick-off into the kind of ethereal brightness Gonzalez is known for. Stream it below.

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  1. looks like the cover of a L(icky) Ron Hubbard book to Ol’ Donny

  2. Reminds me of John Murphy’s “Sunshine” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQXVzg2PiZw

  3. Hate to give another “reminds me of…” but damn, I do sense a lot of similarities between this and “Laura Palmer’s Theme” from Angelo Badalamenti’s score for Twin Peaks. Some of the chord changes are even the same, I think.

    • The first two chords are the same….Palmer’s theme is played a little faster though. Angelo changes keys a minute or so in and it sounds different but the opening chords are identical. Same soft synth sound too which helps the similarity. I wouldn’t have noticed unless it got pointed out..nice catch.

    • Yes, definitely! I always find myself hearing elements of Twin Peaks everywhere I go, but this is probably the closest to something that sounds directly from it – Angelo Badalamenti can do no wrong – I guess Anthony also ;)

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