Phoenix - "Entertainment" Video

Phoenix have just unveiled the big, sweeping, ambitious video for “Entertainment,” the first single from their new Bankrupt! album. Patrick Daughters directs, and it’s a series of intercut love stories, taking place throughout the ages but starring the same actors. There’s also a lot of fighting. We’re going to be puzzling this one out for a while, but you can watch it now below.

Bankrupt! is out 4/23 on Loyaute/Glassnote.

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  1. Is this the Lost in Translation II movie trailer?

  2. I’ll say what I posted on YouTube:

    I actually appreciate the thought that went into this. Stereotypically kitschy themes in k-dramas, the overall feeling of national military pressure looming, the outlook of the korean entertainment industry as a thought-provoking entry point for looking at entertainment/culture. The concept was different and enjoyable.

    The only problem is that the majority of these people do not look remotely korean. And the synths melodies are much more chinese. No one gets us asians right in the media.

  3. Cloud. Atlas.

  4. Did anyone else find that weirdly exhilarating? Glad I saw it before we all get nuked!

  5. Certainly one of their… shall I say… odder videos.

  6. This is simply a homage to the over-dramatic Korean drama. So let’s get the humor about that.

  7. I think this video made me like the song even less. Ugh.

  8. now this is a great video

  9. Call me crazy…. but I love that crazy mess of a video.

  10. Just like a Phoenix song. I have no idea what it’s about but I really like it :)

  11. man that synth tone really bothers me

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