Art Brut - Top Of The Pops

Unlikely though it may seem, the incisive and persistently self-deprecating British rant-punk clang-bangers Art Brut are about to release a career-spanning double-disc compilation, which they’ve titled Top Of The Pops, obviously. The collection includes two new songs, one of which is called “Arizona Bay.” It’s about being in a tiny, non-dangerous earthquake and being convinced you’re going to die. Listen to it at Rolling Stone, and be prepared for yelling.

Top Of The Pops is out 4/16 on The End Records.

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  1. Bang Bang Rock & Roll was such a defining album for me…shame that each album subsequent album gets worse and worse.

    Makes me feel old that Art Brut is doing a Greatest Hits comp…!!!

  2. I’d argue that ‘Brilliant! Tragic!’ is as good as ‘Bang, Bang Rock & Roll’. ‘Sealand’ and ‘Ice Hockey’ are two of Art Brut’s best songs.

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