Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience

Justin Timberlake has been almost omnipresent this week, between rumors that he will be performing SXSW, his week-long residency at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and last Saturday’s appearance on SNL. Now, his third solo full-length The 20/20 Experience — of which we’ve already heard “Suit And Tie,” “Mirrors,” and two other tracks — is available for full stream over at iTunes, oddly, instead of the Timberlake co-owned and recently relaunched Myspace. Check it out here and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. It’s 11 pm over here in Spain. Gonna have sexy dreams tonight, y’all.

  2. Sexy is most decidedly back

  3. futuresex/optometrysounds

  4. Your suit, your tie & your panties are about to be on the floor.

  5. Enjoying it. Still don’t understand ‘Suit & Tie’ though. It’s just so anemic. And Jay-Z sounds bored as well.

  6. The first brand new song (Don’t Hold the Wall?) is slick, has the thrust (foreshadowing) of FutureSex but the soundworld of this new summer vibe they’re going for. I’m liking, anyone have a tracklisting?

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  8. Digging the first track. It’s definitely making up for the sterility of Suit & Tie, IMO.

  9. this is a lot more weird than i was expecting after hearing “suit & tie” and “mirrors” – and i mean that in the very best way possible.

  10. Fuck you iTunes. Why can’t artists start using Google Music?

  11. this sounds like the good kind of butts.

  12. this is very nice

  13. Man, I wish all the songs were on the level of “Tunnel Vision” and “Don’t Hold the Wall”

  14. Streaming on iTunes is kinda like listening to music in a VIP bar you are not allowed into. Sorry I could not make it guys. I’ll wait outside, you’ll tell me how the party went. Bloody hell, if I may.

    • I’m no spokesperson for iTunes for sure, but it is free to use. iTunes doesn’t cost anything to have on your computer, so I don’t understand the VIP thing.

      • I can’t speak for frenchparadox, but my one source of internets is a Chromebook, on which you cannot install iTunes. :(

      • Well the VIP bar is usually free but it is hard to get there. Same for iTunes for people with Linux (impossible to install except with Wine which does not make iTunes work very well) or Windows (this is just slow as hell and memory-consuming).

        Still there are ways to listen to music in a VIP bar, but hey, have it playing on the radio and it is much straightforward and available to anybody. I usually prefer a streaming applet on the artist’s website so that everybody can easily access.

        • I can understand that. Having the album streaming on the artist’s site would be a great idea, however I’m sure there’s big time deals going on between iTunes and Timberlake’s record company.

    • I have a Windows Phone so I use the Zune software. Which is actually pretty good by the way. It’s turned into Xbox music for windows 8 though.

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  16. The second half of “Don’t Hold The Wall” is certifiably Based

    you crazy for this one timbaland

  17. This album is ridiculous, JT at his best and Timbaland’s entire production history dragged somehow brilliantly into the present, plus a few new tricks. This is much, much better than the singles suggested.

  18. The second part of Pusher Love Girl is so damn ridiculously fun and great. I am in love.

  19. i just want to go on record saying this album is fucking great

  20. already addicted to ‘Pusher Love Girl’. what a way to kick down the door.

  21. Return of JT: B+
    Return of Timbaland: A++++

    Timbo totally steals the show. The codas and breakdowns are killer. His best production since peak Missy. Justin has made real progress as a crooner, but he’s still no Maxwell. Plus, Missy always brought the funnies; the “silly” songs here (“Strawberry Bubblegum,” “Spaceship Coupe”) sound like rejected Digital Shorts (“there’s only room for two” *cheesy back-up vox: “me and you…”), and that has as much to do with the melodies as the lyrics.

  22. The last track is the coolest I think, sounds very much like Baths, but at the same time doesn’t.

  23. This is good.
    If Mike Will Made It is the next Timbaland, who will be his JT?

    • This assumes that Future is the Jay-Z to Mike Will’s Timbo: uses a few of his tracks each album, but sounds incredible on his beats.

    • I can assure you that Mike Will Made It is not the next Timbaland. If he’s lucky he’ll be the next… I dunno, Polow da Don.

      • I dunno man, to me he’s got that style like Timbaland where you can tell a song is made by him really obviously, but he’s really adaptable unlike a Lex Luger or something. Look at all the different styles he’s pulled off: aggressive tracks like “Walking Lick”, all of the incredible ballads he’s made lately: “Body Party”, “773 Love”, etc. And the whole crossover that seems to be happening with him from Rap to Pop. We’ll have to wait and see if he ever makes incredible album collaborations like Timbaland did with Aaliyah, Missy, and Justin, but I think he’s got a bright future rather than just being a producer of the moment like Luger, etc.

  24. Haven’t listened just yet, do they take ‘em to the briiidge at any point?

  25. Welcome back, JT. Again.

  26. Why can’t I stream this? The link takes me to a page in iTunes with just a picture of JT and the words “Justin Timberlake” and I am freaking out because I want to stream it.

  27. Yo, quick question? Does JT drown himself at the end of this album?? It sure sounds like it but I can’t be sure.

  28. I fell asleep. love JT tho.

  29. As a whole it kind of sounds like one big R&B jam session

    I am absolutely okay with that

  30. Has Spin always been this irritating? In their writing, I mean. I always think of them as one of the “popular” magazines from back in the day. The recent restructuring seems to have brought on dudes more pretentious than Pitchfork’s best. Maybe it’s just me. http://www.spin.com/articles/justin-timberlake-the-20-20-experience-stream-review

  31. This is a pretty great album on first listen. Suspect it will only get better with more listens.

  32. After a handful of listens I feel like this kinda sucks.

  33. The key to enjoying this album is not to think too hard about it. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Pretend it’s simply harmless pop done really, really, well. Ya know, pretend it’s just Justin Timberlake.

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  35. you can feel he’s been influenced by Frank Ocean. Album of the year currently. Certainly pop album of the year.

  36. Blue Ocean Floor is the best of the bunch. Don’t Hold The Wall comes in close second. I don’t get the whole D’Angelo comparison either.

  37. # of times I’ve listened to this album = # of times I feel like I’ve had sex with JT

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