The Strokes - "All The Time" video

The Strokes’ new single “All The Time” sounds like an old Strokes song, with its urgently metronomic rhythm and its excellently rumpled Julian Casablancas mutter-wail. And the video seems bent on reminding us who, exactly, the Strokes once were and on pounding home the idea that these are still the same guys. The clip edits together old footage of different stages of the Strokes’ career — van trips, video tapings, playing with Lou Reed — and edits out that whole extended-hiatus thing. Then it shows them gearing up for a festival show together, apparently best friends again. I hope that’s exactly what they are, but I’m not sure a video is enough to convince me. Watch it below.

The Strokes’ new album Comedown Machine is out 3/26 on RCA.

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  1. I think this video is pretty much them saying goodbye.

  2. Guys, get an editor. So many typos.

  3. Whatever the intention, it’s sometimes nice to look back on our past lives and maybe see if there’s something from those days worth carrying on with.

    • That’s how I’m looking at this video. Albert said on twitter that he edited it together, and while it’s possible that he was messing around, if true I think it’s an indication that they’re at least trying to put their best feet forward.

      I dunno, way too much over-analysis going on regarding this band (in general). I just wanna hear the damn album already.

    • I see what you did there

  4. This is clearly a farewell video.

  5. Love the Strokes but I think the video is better than the song.

  6. Too much EQ in this rock.

  7. And Lou Reed makes an appearance…

  8. This just makes me even more sad that they’re not touring anytime soon.

  9. This song has grown on me. I don’t think it would sound out of place on Room on Fire.

  10. In lieu of convincing music, they’ve attempted a convincing video.

  11. found this vid strangely affecting. elevated the song a little too

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