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This week’s Shut Up, Dude comes to you from SXSW, where bands and brands play nice (mostly) for a marathon of free music and open bar. Stereogum’s annual Range Life event goes down in a few hours at Hype Hotel — we’ve got Sky Ferreira, Youth Lagoon, Kitty, METZ, Hundred Waters, Bleeding Rainbow, and MC Lakutis — and I gotta head there to set up, so we’re gonna launch this column a little early and skip the weekly link dump of what went up on the site this week. Hopefully you’ve been paying attention. Below are the highest and lowest rated comments you guys made this week.


#10 crania americana | Mar 11th Score:17


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Par David | Mar 8th Score:18

I love how you guys actually have the nerve to leave off Juicy. You should do a Neutral Milk Hotel albums list next and have it read this way:

1. On Avery Island
2. In an Aeroplane Over the Sea

Ya know, just to piss everyone off

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Andrew Burr | Mar 8th Score:18

No Juicy, Unbelievable, Gimme The Loot. I’m sorry Stereogum, but this is one of the worst lists I’ve seen on here.

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#7 crania americana | Mar 8th Score:19

Meh, Biggie’s just another one of these trendy Brooklyn hipsters, like that twee asshole Walt Whitman.

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#6 adddo | Mar 11th Score:22

This lady is just becoming a parody of herself. Notice how each the “beef” here is accompanied by a new single. I say we politely decline.

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#5 estonian dwarf | Mar 11th Score:22

Well, this is embarrassing.

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Mitch Park | Mar 8th Score:22

“A lot of Biggie’s classics, however, like “Juicy” and “Hypnotize,” did not. Both are crucial to his career, but that doesn’t make them the best.”

What a load of silly contrarianism.

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#3 donnytilla | Mar 8th Score:27

“Time = Space = Time,” by PapaDonDonTotty

Time passes by
like birds in tha air
no time in space
endless, like the ‘rhea.

Comments r like moments
We post and they fade
Will I be forgotten?
Or go on, like the ‘rhea.

When my time has come
remember my love
filling your hearts
like a toilet, with ‘rhea.



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#2 sean sean | Mar 13th Score:30

i think someone needs to give david holmes an award for even attempting to make this list

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Benjamin Mussett | Mar 8th Score:34


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#5 miguelito1 | Mar 12th Score:-9

Thanks for the JT coverage, Stereogum. I’ll count on you guys for all the hot Joey Fatone info too.

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Michael Hanna | Mar 9th Score:-9

Oh Nathan, will you ever have that epiphany where you suddenly become aware that your misplaced righteous indignation is more repugnant than any behavior you have ever criticized?

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Andrew Burr | Mar 8th Score:-9

lol tldr

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Mike Tully | Mar 11th Score:-24

uh-oh, I’ve probably just open myself up for some attacks against the color of my skin….

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Alex Manning | Mar 11th Score:-28

“Madchester”: As typos go, I believe that is one of the more awesome ways to describe The Stone Roses.

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sac | Mar 14th Score:8

“This is, I think, largely because they make music that makes people feel good about themselves and about life in general. ”

I think this is it. I’ve been trying to think of an artist that consistently releases sad/depressing material that is also at the top of the charts. I can’t. Sure, artists might release the token sad song off their album, and it’ll get big, but they need some upbeat stuff too.

I recently, after some introspection, realized I had been listening to a lot of music (and watching movies) for the sole purpose of making me sadder (than I already was). Then I thought about how a lot of people (probably the majority) listen to music because it makes them happy or gives them ‘feel good’ vibes. They might listen to a sad song when they’re feeling down, but they don’t every single day.

I think the difference between people who like stuff in the Top 40 and the people who don’t is that the people who don’t have a greater appreciation for this sad, ‘artfully inclined’ (like this phrase by the way) music. We don’t just listen to music for fun or to be happy. We also like for it to delve into aspects of the human condition, like despair or loneliness. Other people just don’t. Which for me makes it hard to share music with others.

I’ve never listened to Macklemore. His name weirds me out.

My favorite of these Deconstructings so far. Good job.

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Comments (58)
  1. Lately I can’t find any new music I actually want to listen to. Can people please recommend me some of their personal favourites? Not Tame Impala.

    • Michael_  |   Posted on Mar 15th, 2013 +3

      Just kidding, it’s not. I only bring it back every once in a great moon to remind this place of what’s worse.

      On another note, did anyone else see our former dude Corban got a nice top placed by-line review on Pitchfork this past week, favorably writing up the Skrillex-related Spring Breakers soundtrack? I miss that kid’s energy around here lately, even if most of the music he wrote about wasn’t particularly in my taste. Definitely not sold yet that Claire was a suitable replacement. So far, I haven’t picked up on any personality in her writing (other than the fact that she likes name drop people she knows in the posts, like how her boyfriend and Tom are tweet buddies — so I’m assuming he’s another Illuminati scribe — and that her dad was the “first” person to play Bowie in these United States of American. Add to that, the music she talks up just isn’t interesting. Really, any music writer off the street could do what she does, except maybe they’d remember to open up the comments section underneath the post (last I checked, Wednesday’s SXSW coverage was still a closed even though all the other days are open.)

      • Michael_  |   Posted on Mar 16th, 2013 +2

        Hi everyone,

        I am officially officially, so very officially done with Stereogum. I am currently contacting the address and requesting my account be removed from the site. After being repeatedly contacted via private e-mail, Tumblr and on Twitter by one of the site’s contributing authors and a fellow professional writer of theirs in a very passive aggressive sense over general commentary no less critical than the opinions you also share here at any given time, I feel that I have no choice but to remove myself from the situation. The dynamic of it makes me feel very uncomfortable and violated, not just as a DIY writer, but as a reader.

        I’m sorry and will miss most of you, and I mean that sincerely, but this is too much for me.

        • No Michael_!!!!! :((((. As i’ve been reading and apart of the gum the past year and a half or so i’ve really come to appreciate your perspective on everything, you take time and put a lot of care into your writing and present it in a coherent way that is easy to digest. When I read a Michael_ comment, I feel like I additionally have gained insight into the topics you discuss as I read, and you write in a way that does not degrade or talk down to anyone, Michael_, you are a treasure of the gum. I will miss your contributions a ton, but if this is our stereogum good bye then I’ll be following awkward sound on the daily, but i’ll still miss your analytical and critical comments, It wont be the same without you. :(

          - Oblivion von Key-Board Kat III, (2013).

        • Michael, I can only surmise the timeline and nature of the events from your Twitter account (which I was led to via your blog), but from what I can tell, you made a provocative comment that rubbed the person (avoiding any identifiers here) the wrong way, and then, after the person unfollowed and blocked you (which admittedly seems an overreaction, but hey, this is the Internet; overreaction is not exactly unusual), you made a somewhat dickish remark about it, which provoked them. There seems to be a bit more to the story than you’re letting on…

          In any case, I hope you don’t actually leave over this, because the whole thing seems kind of silly, and you’d be missed.

          • Michael_  |   Posted on Mar 17th, 2013 +3

            I’m only responding because you comment begs for clarification and I’m assuming the only reason my account is still active is because its the weekend / no one with admin controls have returned from SXSW yet.

            Your timeline and telling of the events is not fleshed out nor chronological:

            October 12, 2012 – Fellow professional writer sends expletive-laden e-mail after reading her name as well as the Stereogum contributor mentioned on my blog as part of a light joke about them being the ones to break Merchandise. An overreaction to what was intended to be humorous compliment. Situation seemingly resolved between e-mail exchange.

            February 24, 2013 – Stereogum contributor contacts me after taking offense to my comments on posts here. Accuses honest criticism (none which is different than what the rest of you write!) as being “distracting and frustrating to consistently be met with such hostility.” Generous and polite explanation response is sent. No acknowledgement of it or resolution is made.

            February 24, 2013 – Stereogum contributor posts now-deleted Tumblr about her criticism and interaction with me.

            March 5, 2012 – Tumblr post discovered by me. Seeing that my e-mail evidently didn’t resolve contributor’s apprehension privately, I similarly went public and took to Twitter to let contributor know that I was not happy to see our discussion become fodder for her and her press / musician friends to poke fun at. Stereogum contributor and her fellow professional send e-mail inquiring about why I am upset by their criticisms and contributor attempts to clarify meaning behind Tumblr post. Stereogum contributor deleted Tumblr, apologizes and admits it was unprofessional. I write back thoughtfully honest e-mails to both explaining that I was upset because I’m not pleased with the recent trend of professional writers using their positions on here or elsewhere to talk down to people. No response is received from either. But fellow professional writer begins to follow me on Twitter.

            March 16th – I tweet “Vegan-politicing in music is the new straight edge, both being cop outs for ‘I don’t know how to rationally coexist with and accept others.’” quickly clarified with “Note: Not a generalization on all vegans or straight edgers — Just the loud-talking ones who push their judgemental agenda onto strangers.” Fellow professional tweets that they disagree, unfollows and blocks me. At this point, I’m just fed up with feeling like everything I say on here, on Twitter, etc. comes under attack / misinterpreted for the worse by them (when there are plenty of people probably voicing these same opinions across comment sections and in their blogs, no less) and publicly acknowledge that I’ve made very reasonable and respectful attempts to ease their hesitations — only to be met with dead silence / indifference almost every single time.

            I don’t want to get into these virtual spats with writers here or elsewhere who have way more influence and power than I do — a tiny DIY blogger with barely any Twitter followers, barely any traffic to my site and basically, a nobody. As I tweeted out, they can stick to their world and I will stick to mine. Just let me be and I will respect their space as well. I used to do this for fun, but I can’t even have that anymore even amongst the rest of the Stereogum comment section. I can’t even listen to music with enjoyment, actually, because it sounds like there are tastemakers out there who don’t want me to. I’m not “cool” and plan to stay that way. Leaving behind Stereogum comment culture hopefully will give me back some semblance of worth and enjoyment over experiencing music, rather than being targeted for feeling anything at all.

            Again, sorry, because I’ve gotten to kinda-sorta know some of you and have appreciated that (especially on the rough weeks) in the absence of IRL friends I can do the same with. I saw some of you mention you’d like to keep in touch. Obviously, I am great at responding by e-mail. I just don’t feel comfortable sticking around here any longer due to the confusing nature of these events and really — Stereogum (the staff) hates me anyway.

          • Thanks for the clarification (not that this is any of my business, but I was curious about what happened). That sounds… not sure what the right word is… petty of them?… but not having heard the other side of the story (and, again, it not being my business anyway), I won’t weigh in further.

            It’s a shame to see you go, and I still hope you don’t (maybe just take a break?), but do what’s best for you. Regardless, I’ll still follow your blog.

            Best of luck/rock on/keep on truckin’/knock ‘em dead/some stupid goodbye phrase,

        • Goodnight sweet prince.


        • Michael_, you are the bleeding heart of this comment section and everyone can respect that.

        • Hey Micheal! In all honesty, I would hope you dont take bullys on the net personally. You are an artist and a fragile type of soul which is really good, but has a downside. I mean this comment in all earnest. When youve been wounded, you have to be strong and I would say stay on the board. People DO love you here michael and you would be missed. You offer alot of cool insight and I have no doubt you#re going forward with your journalism. Screw the nasties.

  2. In my book, DTill’s poem and sean sean’s brilliant shoop take the cake for best comments. Art happened this week.

  3. In other news, all the major sites ignored the ferocious new Dillinger Escape Plan single, there was no comment party on the The 20 / 20 Experience (Personally, I’m not at all impressed or offended by it, but don’t try to tell me that JT is some pop genius from this point on…) and The Boston Phoenix ceased publication yesterday, meaning Stereogum’s weekend editor’s schedule just opened up a whole lot more.

  4. I’m currently restricted from interacting with Tom on Twitter I discovered this week, in the midst of keeping tabs of SXSW coverage. I don’t even follow the dude and never have. The extent of any interaction I’ve had with his Almighty was maybe a few tweets no different than how some of us criticize his traffic diving think pieces.

    It’s so insanely infuriating how inflated these writers’ egos are.

  5. So we all saw the Daft Punk posters in Austin that said “Disco Is Alive” 3.15.13 right?

    Because today is that day. Any ideas? New single? New album details? Live show at SXSW? Peace on Earth??

  6. I thought the Joey Fatone comment was funny.

  7. Michael_  |   Posted on Mar 15th, 2013 0

    R.I.P. Lil’ Wayne.

    I’ll take my drank non-purple, thank you.

  8. In other terrifying Rap news, Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane are beefing. Just when I thought it was over.


  10. I’ll believe it when I see it, Michael.

  11. Tamer Şengül ft. Aslı Güngör – Night Call (Coming Soon)

  12. What a great post to leave my first comment ever on Stereogum: in a comment stream commenting on the weeks best comments. I just discovered the site. Looks fun.

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