The Strokes - Comedown Machine

The Strokes’ new album Comedown Machine is only a week away from release, but we’ve only heard two songs, “One Way Trigger” and “All The Time.” Today, though, Amazon has clips of every track on the album, and experiencing the entire thing in 30-second samples in quick succession is a very, very strange experience. At this point, it seems safe to say that this will be the funkiest Strokes album, which probably isn’t what anyone was expecting, and parts of it also seem to carry a profound Phoenix influence. We’ll know more when the album itself drops, but right now you can listen to those samples here.

Comedown Machine is out 3/26 on RCA.

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  1. Well, this is the first time I’ve thought of The Strokes being influenced by Phoenix and not the other way around.

    • I don’t see enough of a Phoenix influence here. If anything, it’s really loose and accidental, since Phoenix is influenced by so many prior sounds themselves. I really dig the new Phoenix album, but Comedown Machine seems to have more of a signature sound that Phoenix usually can’t pull off.

  2. This is weird, but in good way I think

  3. well that’s a new direction…… Am I going to be in the minority if I say I kinda like it??

    • Probably (unfortunately). The music press at large has seemingly decided that The Strokes’ legacy is not their music but instead the never-ending backlash against their music. It’s been sad to see “forward-thinking” publications deride the band for trying to leave ’01-’03 in, you know, 2001-2003.

      • This happens time and time again. Artist have to live up to their first “classic” albums. It happens in every genre too, no wonder they’ve been so secretive about everything. If they made “Is This It” 5 times over, it would’ve been old and stale. You can’t win with critics. I think this album sounds great. How amazing does “Chances” sound?

    • I’m with you. Other than the singles, I hated most of their previous offerings. Digging everything I’ve heard from the new album. “One Way Trigger” is shaping up to be one of my favourite songs of 2013.

    • This album sounds amazing based on the snippets. Has a very moody noir vibe. It’s what futuristic rock would sound like in the 80′s. I don’t see enough of a Phoenix resemblance here. Phoenix’s new album just sounds like anything that could have come out of the 80′s, while this has more of a signature Strokes touch.

  4. this sounds better/more interesting than what the early reviews have lead me to believe

  5. Sounds really cool to me. I’m excited

  6. This sounds way better than I was expecting. Color me excited

  7. The link isnt working!!

  8. OF COURSE, P4K gets to it stream it first before anyone. Friggin’ SONY/RCA. I bet the band didn’t give this the ok, either, because they have the stream ready on their own soundcloud and the band’s website but you can’t access it. Now I now why. Oh, well. Sorry if it sounds like I’m bitching but we finally DO get to hear it, though:

    • Wait, I meant the other way around: Whiz Kid MGMT and the band may have undermined the label with this since nothing was heard from both mgmt or band regarding the stream. Dunno why I said the label. Freudian slip, I guess, or maybe it’s because I do not like SONY as a record label. Their electronics are top quality, though. Apologies.

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