The Joy Formidable - "Little Blimp" Video

If, say, you’re the type of person who gets nauseous while watching found-footage movies, you might want to proceed with caution here. The Joy Formidable, the Welsh power-trio who would make stadium alt-rock if stadium alt-rock were still a thing that existed, have a new video for “Little Blimp,” the second single from their sophomore album Wolf’s Law. (It follows “This Ladder Is Ours.”) The footage in the video comes from different Joy Formidable shows, but all of it comes from a fisheye-lens camera lashed to the end of frontwoman Ritzy Bryan’s guitar neck, and this turns out to be a pretty visceral way to make a live video. Also of note: This song rules. Watch it below.

Wolf’s Law is out now on Canvasback/Atlantic.

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  1. “if stadium alt-rock were still a thing that existed”

    last time i heard, muse’s current album and tour was breaking records

  2. Was Cholla not a single? Pretty sure it had a video and everything.

  3. Why is it that everything written about this band includes a caveat about stadium rock not being a thing anymore?

  4. Kind of sucks for the drummer, and I think there are better songs on the album, too (probably too long to be singles, though). But hey, I dig TJF and this was probably and incredibly inexpensive video. Something I support fully in an age when so few of them aren’t making much money.

  5. Neat idea for a video. Good song too. I hope these guys keep making music.

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