Elite Gymnastics O U R S Taylor Swift Justin Bieber Cover

You know you have a good friend when he flips your favorite music into something brand new for your birthday. Elite Gymnastics has crafted a lo-fi cover of Taylor Swift’s “Ours” to celebrate his friend and fellow poptimist Claire Boucher, bka Grimes, turning 25 yesterday. It also features a little bit of Justin Bieber’s Nicki Minaj-collab “Beauty And The Beat.” Hopefully Grimes had a better time yesterday than wild child Bieber did earlier this month. Check out the cover below.

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  1. Wow that song title has it all. Japanese characters, parentheses, capital letters with spaces in between them, quotation marks, more parentheses, and then you find it its a cover of Taylor Swift AND Justin Bieber. Incredible.

  2. This just goes to show it’s not such a far cry between Death Cab and T. Swift. A helpful reminder for those of us with elitist tendencies.

    Pun retroactively intended.

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