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  • RIP Jason Molina
Jason Molina

Adored and brilliant songwriter Jason Molina, of Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co., passed away on Saturday night. He suffered from organ failure due to alcohol consumption, according to a post on Chunklet that seems to have since been stripped of its content. Molina’s issues with substance abuse were public knowledge and his family had tried to get him help with medical bills back in 2011. Molina’s last release was a solo effort Autumn Bird Songs. Listen to Songs: Ohia’s “Just Be Simple” below.

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  2. “You’ll never hear me talk about, one day getting out, why I put a new address, on the same old loneliness…”

    RIP, Jason. You were a hell of a songwriter. Thanks for sharing your music with us.

  3. This one really hits home.

  4. Damn. What a fucking shame. The Magnolia Electric Co was one of the finest guitar albums of the past twenty five years. If you’re interested check this out. The good stuff starts around 0:48.

    Not trying to be sentimental with the song selection, it’s just a damn fine song.

  5. What a sad day!
    Trials and Errors is probably the best live album I’ve ever heard.

  6. “I am setting your heart on fire
    So when you leave me
    I will burn on in your soul,”

    Sad as hell.

    • Optimus, thank you for posting these lyrics. ‘Captain Badass’ was the first song of his I’d heard, in the bitter cold of December 1999. After the first verse I decided I *HAD* to know everything I could about Jason and his music, and the rest is . It was the first thing I listened to after reading of his passing, and had to spend a few minutes away from the office to let the tears fall in privacy.

      R.I.P., Jason Molina.

  7. RIP… this is so sad.

  8. RIP, what a loss he will be missed.

  9. This is one of the few musician deaths that I have felt personally affected by. I only recently got into Songs: Ohia after listening to Molina & Johnson for months on end, an album I feel is criminally underappreciated.

    I know it’s a cliche thing to say, but something about Molina just didn’t seem meant for this world, whatever that means.

  10. Jason Molina’s music and lyrics helped me through a lot of hard times and influenced my own writing in so many ways. I didn’t know him personally, but I still feel extremely affected by his death. Rest in peace, Jason.

  11. that’s what little sad eyes are made of

  12. This is horrible news to wake up to :(.

    Having followed the sporadic updates on his treatment and the fundraising efforts to assist in paying for his medical care, I can’t help but wonder if he’d have won the battle with his disease with the assistance of free health care.

    “You are not helpless / Try to beat it / And live through space’s loneliness.”

  13. Sad news.[img][/img]

  14. I just went on the hunt for the photo I took of him on the night I saw him at The Echo in July 2009. I was half surprised to see that I had captioned the photo by saying he was “kind of an asshole” that night. Looking back, I remember not particularly enjoying the show because Jason was rude and dismissive on stage. It was an intimate gig with a certain amount of crowd participation, but Jason would spit venom when people would request songs. I clearly remember how we didn’t hear “I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost” – feel free to chide my choice of favourite track – and how disappointed I felt. After seeing the photo I took and reading the caption, I feel a little bit funny about calling him an asshole, particularly now I know we saw one of his final performances before he quit playing live to deal with his alcoholism. Everyone’s got a cross to bear, I guess.

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