Peter Murphy Arrested DUI Hit And Run Meth

Peter Murphy, frontman of incendiary goth band Bauhaus, was reportedly arrested for a DUI, hit-and-run, and possession of crystal meth in Los Angeles yesterday. Eyewitnesses trailed Murphy from Glendale to LA and then blocked his car until police were able to get to the scene to make an arrest. From the Glendale News Press:

Los Angeles police detained Murphy until Glendale police arrived.

Glendale officers said Murphy appeared to be at points “very confused” and had difficulty recalling the day and time.

Murphy denied drinking alcohol that day, adding that he had only taken his regular prescription pills for depression, according to police.

Murphy — who’s from England but lives in Turkey — reportedly admitted to being involved in a traffic collision, telling officers he was jet-lagged from a recent flight, police said.

Inside the Los Angeles police patrol car where Murphy had been detained, officers reported finding a small plastic bag, possibly of methamphetamine, police said. Murphy denied the bag belonged to him, but officers said they believed he was trying to discard it in the patrol car.

Murphy was arrested on suspicion of causing injuries while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, felony hit-and-run and possessing methamphetamine, police said.

He remained in custody Monday in lieu of $500,000 bail, which was set after officers expressed concern that he could be a flight risk, police said.

Earlier this month, Murphy announced a massive North American and European tour to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Bauhaus where he would exclusively perform material by the band. No word on whether this will effect the tour or how the charges have been processed. (via SPIN)

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  1. Musta got pulled over after cops noticed he had drifted over the Line Between the Devils Teeth.

    I’m sorry. Couldn’t resist.

  2. Perhaps he had the meth as part of a…DOUBLE DARE.

    (this could go on forever)

  3. Was he driving DALI’S CAR?

  4. I wonder if Peter Murphy and Elmo buy their meth from the same guy.

  5. Um, this photo of him is over 20 years old. Why not post his mugshot pic like all the other blogs? Bela Lugosi’s drunk!

  6. shoulda stayed in Turkey, man…no meth in Beskitas!

  7. Holy Smoke! This news really cuts me up, deep.

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