Kurt Vile - Never Run Away

Well, if this isn’t the cutest darn thing I’ve ever seen. Last night, Kurt Vile debuted his new single “Never Run Away” on the CW network in Philly via infomercial. As he explains in the beginning of the video, they weren’t able to pay for a real commercial, so instead Vile just made a video of him playing the track at home while his daughter runs around the room with a variety of different toys and props, including wax lips candy. I smell a Parental Advisory, Tom. Check out the infomercial and download the track below.

Walking On A Pretty Daze is out 4/9 via Matador.

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  1. Jim Adair wins this one.

  2. I don’t know about platinum, Kurt, but it’s a mighty fine song. Look forward to the record.

  3. Damn. That’s a hell of a record collection.

  4. ARGH this song is SO GOOD

  5. Digging this. 2 for 2 so far. Very psyched for the album.
    Interestingly enough, a friend came over a few weeks ago and I was playing a Kurt Vile mix. He asked who it was and I told him. Then he said that he’d sold a guitar to a Kurt Vile a few months before via Ebay or some other site and had no idea he was a known musician. My friend’s name is Ian Power and it seemed almost like a transaction between a superhero and supervillain. From Ian Power to Kurt Vile. Anyway…

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