The National - Trouble Will Find Me

The National’s sixth full-length album, Trouble Will Find Me, is due out on May 21st via 4AD. It’s their first album since 2010′s High Violet. Drummer Bryan Devendorf recently spoke to Gothamist about the new album, revealing that it will feature contributions from Sufjan Stevens, St. Vincent, Sharon Van Etten, and others. “There are some drum machines provided by Sufjan Stevens,” Devendorf said. “He did some other things too, but he had this drum machine and he did some cool little parts on that.” He continued: “I know [Arcade Fire's] Richard Reed Parry did a lot of great stuff. [Doveman] Thomas Bartlett was all over it. There were a lot of great musicians playing interesting instruments: there was a bass clarinet, regular clarinet, there’s strings, violin, viola, cello, there’s brass…it’s all used in these textual shifts rather than like, ’here’s the brass!’ It’s subtle shifts … There are some great guest vocalists that did really awesome parts: [St. Vincent] Annie Clark, Sharon Van Etten, and Nona Marie Invie, from the band Dark Dark Dark.” Read the full interview here. Below, check out the album’s tracklist.

Tracklist for Trouble Will Find Me:

01 “I Should Live In Salt”
02 “Demons”
03 “Don’t Swallow The Cap”
04 “Fireproof”
05 “Sea Of Love”
06 “Heavenfaced”
07 “This Is The Last Time”
08 “Graceless”
09 “Slipped”
10 “I Need My Girl”
11 “Humiliation”
12 “Pink Rabbits”
13 “Hard To Find”

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  1. YES! Psyched for more Sufjan + National action. “Afraid of Everyone” i like…my favorite song by The National

  2. I’m fairly sure this sort of thing has happened on the last two National albums, and it never feels like they’re actually a presence there.

    • Spot on, yoko_oh_no. All guests’ contributions seemed so far to be fully absorbed by the band sound. The same will probably happen in this new album.

    • Yeah, if we count people playing an instrument on someone else’s album or coming up with certain parts as “featuring,” then a LOT of albums would have features. This kind of collaboration is surprisingly common when you look at any random band’s liner notes & credits.

      Still excited though. Wonder what a cool drum machine part sounds like.

    • The way The National layer and layer and layer again when recording, it’s no wonder that their guests’ contributions start to sound sort of impressionistic at most… it’s all just part of the primordial goo that eventually becomes the recorded song.

      That said, their two previous forays with Annie Clark and Sharon Van Etten (the Crooked Fingers cover “Sleep All Summer” and the gorgeous High Violet b-side “Think You Can Wait”, respectively) are both pretty straight-forward collaborations of the most traditional order. And they’re both pretty brilliant. So I’m excited to hear what else they’ve done with these two.

  3. you guys copied the same tracklist from your original announcement in which “Heavenfaced” is misspelled, so it’s misspelled here again.

  4. I hope we get to hear singles soon.

  5. Love me some Sufjan.

  6. This and Daft Punk’s new album are coming out the same day.

    ..and exams start that week.

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