ASAP Rocky - "Wild For The Night" video

As a rapper, A$AP Rocky’s greatest gift is for creating a sticky bad-dream sort of atmosphere. And on Long.Live.A$AP, his debut album, only one song rips right through that carefully cultivated vibe: “Wild For The Night,” a blaring dance-rap banger produced by bro-step titan Skrillex. Rocky and the veteran rap video director (and auteur of the underrated T.I. vehicle ATL) Chris Robinson have now teamed up to make the video, shooting it in the Dominican Republic. It’s a delirious throwback to the days when record labels would happily blow seven figures on a rap video. The immaculately filmed video takes place in Dominican slums and clubs, and it looks amazing. Also, the sight of Skrillex attempting to look cool while perching atop a rubble-pile isn’t one I’ll soon forget. And: Bonus Skrillex bass drop! Watch it below.

Long.Live.A$AP is out now on RCA.

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  1. I like this song a lot, and the video looks good, but I hate the glorification of gang culture in third world countries that it celebrates. ASAP went down the D.R. and played big bad gangster because he thought it was cool. Juxtaposing the fake gun toting (which I’m thinking was an act because how close ASAP actually was to it, but even if it was real, it still wasn’t cool) with the very REAL slum life people live in down there rubbed me the completely the wrong way. Gang bangers are not fucking cool, especially when they run a slum.

    • Nicely said, I was going to say the same thing.

    • well, there’s no gang in the Dominican republic!!! just to let you know in the DR is every man for them self!
      the pic with the motorcycle’s.. they use those to give rides to people that don’t want to walk and they charge you, so its like a job. that’s the hood because people is so poor, as soon as I saw this video I knew it was the DR, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC is one of the most beautiful places in the world, third or fifth or whatever I don’t know why they have to choose that part. I won’t even go to that side my self!. that’s not how DR look at all.

  2. getting sick of 3rd world cultural tourism as a “bad-ass” signifier in music videos.

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