Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Sacrilege" Video

This morning, Yeah Yeah Yeahs unveiled the video for “Sacrilege,” the epic and stormy first single from their forthcoming album Mosquito. The British model and actress Lily Cole stars in the Megaforce-directed clip, playing a woman whose appetites get her into some trouble in a very strange small town. The level of plotting and characterization is deeply impressive for a four-minute music video, and those townspeople look unsettlingly predatory as all hell. Watch it below.

Mosquito is out 4/16 on Interscope.

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  1. Fun fact: This was originally the video for Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire.”

  2. wow. smart move for first music video (even though i was hoping for the band members to pop up somewhere the entire time)

  3. Looks like they watched Twin Peaks and then decided to make a music video.

  4. The song goes all Primal Scream at the end.

  5. if you make a video for one of the most visually interesting bands in the world, you should definitely make it a confusing short film about a bunch of white dudes chasing each other around instead.

  6. Lily Cole <3

  7. I’ve always found music videos where the story is told from end to beginning (ie backwards order) pretty cool.

  8. I don’t get why they shoot the priest, if they were all sleeping with her too.

    • My best guess is that a) he seems to be the only one who actually gets caught and b) it’s “sacrilege” for a reverend to be having an affair with a married woman.

      • I get where you’re coming from with the “it’s sacrilege” but really, it’s only sin, not sacrilege. But it’s totally possible the director didn’t realize this or didn’t care.

        • Actually, sleeping with a priest could be considered a sacrilege, as it shows disrespect or irreverence to the priest’s ‘holy’ position in the church.

  9. That is the first wedding I enjoyed in a long time.

    • Comments like this make me wish I could “downvote”. What kind of unhappy troll can’t have a good time at a wedding? I mean, seriously. Get out more, David, there’s more to life than being snarky on the internets.

  10. The look on her face and the timing of the shot when the gospel choir comes in is haunting. I now get (even more) chills whenever that moment comes up in the song.

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