Wavves on Letterman

Four takeaways from Wavves’ performance of the Afraid Of Heights single “Demon To Lean On” on last night’s episode of the Late Show With David Letterman, which marked the band’s late-night TV debut: 1. Nathan Williams has a better live singing voice than most of us have given him credit for. 2. Some Letterman producer should’ve forced the audience to mosh; a Wavves performance with no moshpit just doesn’t look right. 3. I would be a happier person if I owned bassist Stephen Pope’s tie-dyed, sleeves-cut-off Justice For All Metallica T-shirt. 4. “Demon To Lean On” is easily one of the three or four best songs Wavves have ever recorded. Watch the performance below.

Afraid Of Heights is out now on Mom + Pop.

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  1. great song – truly awful performance

  2. A few takeaways of my own 1. Long sustained barely in tunes notes can easily fool bloggers into thinking someone is a talented singer 2. I wish that goofy bass sound was as even half as awesome as the bass players shirt 3. I never knew that Dinosaur Jr. and Nirvana had a boring lovechild 4. I never again need to wonder if Wavves is something I’d be into.

  3. I mean wow. What is good about this? It sounds like a song one of my friends would write in 10th grade and perform in the garage.

  4. live performance on tv almost never sounds good really. they mix everything to be a wall of sound and then plop the vocals down on top of it so they never really mesh with the music. and yeah you could tell poor bb was nervous as fuck. the 3 times i’ve seen them he’s been much more active and confident and here he seems kinda uncomfortable. i never thought they would translate well on live tv but this was better than i expected. i think the track ‘afraid of heights’ would have went over better but i guess they didn’t perform it because he drops the f-bomb. anyway yay wavves!

  5. Thxs for posting my Upload! Appreciate that!!


  6. Funny how you guys are going to talk shit. Sorry what band are you in? How many times have you played on live tv? Oh that’s right, you have no idea to what you’re talking about. Shut the fuck up.

    • Agreed and Amen.

    • ya stereogum, unless you also have performed a task or held a certain position then you have no business making any sort of commentary that’s negative. Unless you are or have been the President of the United States you have no business ‘talking shit’ about him/her and their performance in office. Oh, what’s that, you never wrote a novel yourself? Well then there’s no need to comment on it because it’s obviously amazing and you have no idea what you read and what you’re talking about.

  7. Stephen Pope’s appearance is so utterly depressing to me.

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