Lollapalooza 2013 Lineup

The blog Fake Shore Drive, aka the Guys Who Helped Bring You The Chicago Drill Movement, have gotten intel on the potential Lollapalooza lineup. The image they posted looks super legit and features of some of the speculative acts we reported on last week, including the Killers, Mumford & Sons, and Vampire Weekend. According to the snapshot, other performers are set to include the off-of-hiatus Nine Inch Nails, Kendrick Lamar, New Order, ALT-J, Tegan & Sara, and Disclosure, among many others. FSD co-purveyor Andrew Barber has since tweeted that the lineup has been confirmed. The official lineup is slated to be announced 4/9 — when you will be able to buy single day tickets, as well — but for now, check out the probable list of performers above.

UPDATE: Lineup confirmed.

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  1. Awesome! Also, EWW. Also, Whut?

  2. holy balls

  3. Looks like every other festival – hey look – Mumford and Lumineers!

  4. i’m still holding out hope that they add a few more….strokes, walkmen, pearl jam, franz ferdinand please

    • The Walkmen and Franz were both there last year, I would highly doubt they would book them again. The artist/group that I can see them booking this year that played last year is Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, because they’ll be at Oshega and they are WAY more of a draw then they were last year.

  5. the picture you guys are using is terrible. you should take the one from my site that i can actually read it :D

  6. I know that it says “and many many more”, but lolla did mention purity ring was on the bill weeks ago via twitter. if this is real wouldn’t they be included in this flyer?

  7. Why is Ellie Goulding so high up in the lineup? She’s OK, I guess, but she hasn’t earned that billing yet, and her live show is not what I would describe as excellent.

  8. Does anyone know how to take a picture anymore?

  9. I always read these lists from bottom up because I’ve found most of the best times at festivals come from the smaller groups that have a lot to prove and get really into it.
    As far as the smaller acts, I’m a little disappointed. Typically it’s better.

    The middle and top though are pretty great.
    The best part about the headliners being so hit and miss is that it will make for easier decisions on who to see.

  10. Are my eyes fooling me? The Cure? NIN & Death Grips on the same bill? Awesome.

  11. The Cure, in an awesome park in the middle of a cool city! With a bunch of other decent bands as a bonus! Done. I’m in…

  12. Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, and Kendrick should be sharing a tour bus at this point.

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