Vampire Weekend

Somehow, the members of Vampire Weekend managed to dodge their way through what must’ve been an enraged horde of Saab enthusiasts to play a few new songs, from the new album Modern Vampires In The City, for a New York special on Canada’s QTV. As Pitchfork points out, the two videos below include three new songs. In the first video, you’ll find their rendition of “Diane Young” at 6:20. In the second, they play “Unbelievers” at 19:09 and “Ya Hey” at 43:34.

Modern Vampires Of The City is out 5/7 on XL.

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  1. wow Diane Young sounds great live and stripped down! Ya Hey on the other hand…hopefully sounds better on the record. chipmunk voices? yikes.

  2. loving the pitch shifted vocals (seemingly) all over this album.

  3. Idk if Stereogum missed the memo, but Vampire Weekend pushed the release date of MVOTC back a week to the 14th of May.

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