Tyler The Creator - "IFHY" video

“IFHY” is one of a couple of romantic-obsession songs from Tyler, The Creator’s depressing trudge of a new album Wolf, and the subject matter is not exactly new material for that guy. But the new video, which Tyler directed under his Wolf Haley alias, is something different, and creepy, and disturbing. Tyler, wearing an Elephant Man-looking makeup job that makes him look like an evil Frankenstein-doll version of himself, harasses a fellow living doll in a gigantic dollhouse. Pharrell, who sings on the track, does not appear in the video, but at the end, the song turns into a brief mini-video for the Hodgy Beats collab “Jamba,” and Hodgy does show up. The video is an ambitious technical achievement, but it doesn’t make me like the song on the album any more. Your mileage may, however, vary. Watch it below.

Wolf is out 4/2 on Odd Future Records, and you can also check the “Domo23” video. “IFHY” stands for “I fuckin’ hate you,” if you were wondering.

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  1. What is with the ongoing lambasting of Tyler? Just report that there’s a damn video.

    • I know right, how many times can he use trudge as an insult? We get it, you didnt like the album.

      • You two read my mind then recited it verbal acuity.


          Oh, and I agree with the above comments. Why even bother reporting on something you obviously hate so much? After reading your write up about Wolf and now this, it seems as if you went into your first listen of the album with an obvious preexisting disdain for Tyler and were thinking of bad things to write about it. (if not, then I guess I’m just an absolute idiot)

          The original write-up of the album spent a lot of time discussing the lyrics. Everyone knew the type of lyrical content they were going to hear on the album. If you get offended by his lyrics, why even bother listening to and writing about him? Hand it over to someone who doesn’t get upset over his use of “fag.” And no, this is not a “troll.” I know I have clowned around on this site for a while now, but you all know when I’m actually being serious by now (at least I hope).

  2. If the music thing doesn’t work out I think he may have a future in directing music videos.
    The jumping between songs in one video kinda makes sense now after hearing the album.

  3. That’s the most opinion about a song I’ve seen on a music video post.

    Jesus, its not that bad.

  4. I appreciated the review of the album earlier, and agreed with the points, but don’t understand the point of further attacking the song/album/Tyler here in the video post.

    Seems a little Tyler-ish to me.

  5. You had some valid criticisms in your premature evaluation of this record, but we got it the first time.

  6. Tyler in this reminds me of the puppets on that show Crank Yankers.

  7. OP is a bitch

  8. This writer is a douche, he can never present a song/video in an objective way. He always has to add in his own stupid ass tone and 2 cents.

  9. This is not the BBC of music videos. It is a music blog with a staff of writers hired for their taste and knowledge (whether you agree with it or not) and therefore not an un-biased news source. That’s why we have music blogs to get information/entertainment from a source that has personality and opinions and a curatorial presence built in. If you want videos served up objectively, just google it.

  10. did he just say “swag of a fag” ?!

  11. By Tyler maybe girls leave you cos you’re a sexist brat.

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