A couple of weeks ago, the narco-folk singer Marissa Nadler posted a wordless, a capella cover of the theme from the HBO show Game Of Thrones that she’d recorded. And today, the two non-singing members of the Scottish synthpop trio Chvrches have done their own cover of the theme music as an apparent studio lark, turning it into chilly keyboard music, the sort of thing that could’ve shown up on the War Games score. Watch the homemade video of the cover below.

Chvrches’ Recover EP is out now on Glassnote, and Game Of Thrones is a fucking awesome TV show that you should be watching. One more of these covers, and we’ve got a trend on our hands.

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  1. Sounds just like Kuedo

  2. The beginning sounds like “Safety Dance”.

  3. Best theme song in a loooooong time, and that’s a fun version.

    Not the original of course, but I doubt anyone can top that.

  4. It does remind you of Safety Dance at first. Then it starts to set it’s one tone. It’s missing something. Needs a little more work. Meanwhile game of Thrones fans please visit my new blog.


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