TNGHT - Acrylics

After an enormous 2012, replete with accolades from Kanye West, electronic duo TNGHT have returned with a new single “Acrylics.” The track serves as a reminder that when you combine Hudson Mohawke’s penchant for throwing glittering finesse onto slow jam-primed tunes and Lunice’s ability to create tracks full of so much dancefloor-inspiration that even he jumps from out of the booth during his own sets, you get mind-bending electronic jams. Stream it here.

“Acrylics” is out now via Warp and Lucky Me.

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  2. Impossible to sit still and listen to this!

  3. What the…

    Holy hell. Let me wipe the blood out of my ears…

    • I’ve always wondered what fingers scraping down a chalkboard from an electronic sound perspective would sound like. I now have that knowledge. And yes, I am very much aware that I think I am officially too old for this. Where is that Nevermind CD…knew I left it around here, somewhere.

  4. THIS GOES HARD. Also a nice dark edge. These guys are just straight up brilliant.

  5. I think we’re at the pinnacle.

  6. @homesickalien: how are you too old for this? You simply forgot about the Prodigy’s first albums…

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