The National - Trouble Will Find Me

The National’s feverishly anticipated new album Trouble Will Find Me comes out next month, and you guys sure seemed to like the first single “Demons.” “Don’t Swallow The Cap,” the second Trouble Will Find Me track we’ve heard walks a similar line between dour and triumphant, with Matt Berninger muttering hangdog vocals over the Dessner brothers’ fleet-footed orchestral fanfares. Listen to it below.

Trouble Will Find Me
is out 5/21 on 4AD.

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  1. One day The National will write a bad song. That would be newsworthy indeed.

    • Only Descartes’ evil demon could pull a stunt like that.

      These guys are heroes in the opossum community. This song was written for my recently deceived cousin, Ricky Jo. Poor guy scavenged in the wrong trashcan. He’ll be missed. Thanks for your support, The National. His story will not go untold. His main concern, promise that you will sing about him.

      Opossum out.

  2. Not that High Violet wasn’t cohesive, but I didn’t feel cohesive in the same way that Boxer was music wise, and so far, these two singles make me feel like this new one will be, which really excites me.

  3. Awesome, as always. One of the best American bands going.

  4. Hey, these guys are pretty good.

  5. This is a lot better than Demons, which I liked but wasn’t enamoured with. The whole second half of this song is just phenomenal.

  6. The band just keeps getting better and better. That ending wow… Adding the female vocal makes it for me. Can’t wait for this one to come out.

    • This song has so many vocal layers! You can hear Berninger muttering under himself, and the female (Carin?) background vocals balance it all out. Great tune.

  7. Does he say “If you want to see me cry, play Let it Be or Nevermind”?

  8. Matt almost sounds more, dare I say, confident. Scary good thought.

  9. As if his voice wasn’t deep enough there is an even lower octave going on here. This is great!

  10. That was fucking beautiful.

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  12. So Demons was good, but it wasn’t one of their best. This makes me think this album might be their best yet.

  13. i do enjoy the song but I wonder if that’s because it sounds like a song the national have already written 10 times before. i suppose i cant fault them for knowing their wheelhouse but it doesnt seem like any new territory is being covered in these first couple songs. :/

    • I disagree. Who care’s if, at first blush, the sound isn’t a radical departure. Refining how songs are crafted, recorded and produced can be as rewarding “new territory” as there is. I’m also unsure what new ground The National would cover… maybe they should go dub step?
      Personally, I feel like there is a heartbeat at the bottom of the songs they make – especially in the drums and bass. This track is an indication that they’re really focusing in on that heartbeat and seeing where that takes them. If this was your band and that was your approach, I reckon that’d feel like plenty of new territory.

  14. The National are a band that I enjoy because they don’t change their sound drastically from album to album; they just refine it.

    Radiohead, Animal Collective, et. al. have put us into this mindset that every album needs to cover new ground. There is something to be said about finding a signature sound and refining it. Whether that is with different instrumentation, different recording techniques or even just a simple change in approach to songcraft.

    The National’s sound is not played out. I adore it. They could make 10 albums that sound exactly like Boxer and I would be ecstatic.

    • Oh, and this song is really fantastic. I liked, but didn’t love, “Demons”. I love this.

    • Agreed. This is how I feel about Beach House, for example. They have a style they work well within. As long as bands can continue to sound fresh and inventive, I don’t care if they produce stylistically similar songs/albums.

    • I would slightly disagree. I mean, of course it’s not like Radiohead, where the album changes are incredibly drastic. However, I think The National brings something new to each album. I mean, I feel a lot of differences from Alligator to Boxer to High Violet. Yeah, they refine their sound, but I think it’s a bit more noticeable.

  15. They are not Foo Fighters

  16. It’s odd, as taken as I was with Demons, my only worry with that song was that it’s too “The National” and didn’t seem to push their sound too far forward. If anything, this song is even more quintessentially “National” than Demons, but somehow it doesn’t matter this time because it’s so, so perfectly done.

  17. I’m surprised everyone seems to like this song more than “Demons”… I like “Demons” more than this song.

  18. I approve…for now

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