Major Lazer on Fallon

If you caught any of Major Lazer’s frantic, fun-as-hell festival-rocking live shows over the last few years, you likely saw girls twerking on speaker-risers, Skerritt Bwoy performing death-defying feats of daggering, and Diplo perched behind his DJ table, looking vaguely bemused at the whole spectacle. But the Major Lazer that appeared last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon was a very different beast. Diplo, all suited up, played keyboard on the slow, sultry reggae song “Get Free” while Dirty Projectors singer Amber Coffman cooed on the mic, her bandmate Dave Longstreth held down guitar duties, and the Roots kept a beat behind them, everyone keeping calm and professional and holding a deep groove. But “Get Free” is a spectacular song, thrilling in its own quiet way, and this new incarnation of Major Lazer could do some major festival damage in its own right. Watch the performance below.

Major Lazer’s new album Free The Universe is out 4/15 on Secretly Canadian/Mad Decent/Downtown.

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  1. what a voice.

    It’s nice for the roots to give diplo and switch a night off from acutually having to TURN the knobs, which looks really exhausting from their live shows. imagine what a great lil break it would be to instead just place your fingers on the knob and touch it, rather than having to actually move it in a clockwise motion like some sort of shit-shoveling barnyard labourer.

  2. I’m honestly surprised that it’s taken this long for The Roots to collaborate with Major Lazer. They seem like such an obviously perfect match that I actually thought Major Lazer had played Fallon already. Excellent performance from everyone, but Amber Coffman is unquestionably the star here.

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