Miguel on SNL

Saturday night marked Miguel’s ascendance to SNL musical-guest status, and if this had happened a year ago, he would’ve sung a hook for the Lonely Island, guaranteed. Instead, he rocked a rockabilly-pimp look that very few human beings could pull off, he sang a slickly jazzy version of “Adorn” and an unpredictably Princely psych-rock rendition of “How Many Drinks,” and he generally kicked ass in the way that the further-out SNL musical guests of the late ’70s seasons kicked ass. If you put together a music festival this summer and you did not book this man, you fucked up. Watch both performances below.

Miguel’s great Kaleidoscope Dream is out now on RCA.

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  1. Kevin Aidan Doran  |   Posted on Apr 15th, 2013 +2

    please, take this treasure map to my pants

  2. This post brought to you by the Sony/RCA hype machine. Way to keep it real SG. Nothing worse than a guitar player trying to “rock out” a lead guitar solo when they can barely play chords.

    • I’m not gonna hate on this guitar player, and I’m all for listening to what makes you happy but yeah Miguel is over-hyped as all hell. I’d take a 55 yr old Prince over this dude any day. If Miguel didn’t have a pompadour, he’d be singing hooks on rap songs. Alarm bells were ringing when Pitchfork compared him to Sam Cooke… shameful.

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