Hear Josh Homme & Mark Lanegan’s Theme For Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

By Michael Nelson / April 15, 2013

Anthony Bourdain and Josh Homme have been buds at least since Queens Of The Stones Age played the No Reservations holiday episode back in 2007. And now, with a new QOTSA album imminent and a new Bourdain series underway, the two are officially working together. Homme and occasional QOTSA member Mark Lanegan recorded a theme song for Bourdain’s series, Parts Unknown, which premiered last night. It’s only 40 seconds long, but it’s a pretty terrific 40 seconds of music; of all Homme’s many collaborators, I don’t think any does more to raise the material than Lanegan (and vice-versa: Lanegan’s vocals rarely hit harder than they do in QOTSA’s songs). The “sha-la-la” section at the end is especially great. Check it out here, in the context of the full episode of Parts Unknown, which is streaming on CNN.com; scroll to the :50 mark to hear it.