Surfer Blood - "Demon Dance" video

We may not have figured out how to reconcile the continued existence of the Florida fuzz-pop band Surfer Blood after this, but Surfer Blood continue to be a band and to release music anyway. They’ve now dropped a video for their recent single “Demon Dance,” and it might be a pretty fun video from most other bands, but just try to watch it without stressing out. Frontman John Paul Pitts plays a security guard who’s nice to a pretty lady in the first scene and who then drifts off into dreams that have some weird gender shit going on — Pitts making out with a mannequin version of that same pretty lady, etc. Have fun making some sense of the video; it’s below.

(via Rolling Stone)

Surfer Blood’s new album Pythons is out 6/11 on Warner Bros.

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  1. The world has turned and left me here

  2. I think one of the big problems people have with Surfer Blood’s DV incident compared to other musicians who have the same problems is how anachronistic it feels. Someone like Chris Brown, despite what his music might portray, is known in pop culture to be generally an asshole and a thug. In Brown’s case his persona trumps the music. With someone like Axl Rose, the music he performed (performs) is out of control and wild. In his case, it fits our image of him. Not making it acceptable, but at least far less jarring. Also, Axl is a known crazy person. With Surfer Blood people generally don’t know much about the members of the band outside of what they might see in a music video or a small write up, so all we have to go on is the music. Which, needless to say, does not feel like the sort of tunes that someone who punches women in the face might sing. It reminds me of the SNL sketch with John Goodman about the children’s show performers are a bunch of anti-government militants in real life. It’s just harder for a person’s brain to process, making it more difficult to deal with.

  3. yes, it was terrible what happened to that poor girl but does every post about the band’s music have to be all about that incident? “We may not have figured out how to reconcile the continued existence of…Surfer Blood” are you kidding?

  4. “Some weird gender shit”

  5. I think a lot of people were willing to forgive Chris Brown when he had shown he had turned a corner, but he is a piece of shit and obviously hasn’t changed at all, as evidenced by his following actions. Pitts’ case is a little different. A lot of details about the incident are cloudy and from the details at hand, it sounds like he has some mental illness issues that are seeming to be worked through by his court-mandated program.

    So my conscience probably has a double standard because I enjoy this music a lot more than Chris Brown’s, but the incident still doesn’t deter me from listening and enjoying Surfer Blood, but it completely does with Chris Brown. That said, I probably am not going to give my money to it until I figure that part out.

  6. see?! 8 comments and not a one about the damned song! including mine!! happy now Tom?!

  7. Thank you, oh ye great Stereogum moral compass for telling us that certain art should be canceled because of your amazing morals whilst still posting about it!

    You’re questioning the continued existence of a band because of a personal incident? Are you fucking joking? Absolute clownshoes “journalism”. Yes, all those many years where men in rock bands were perfect gentleman and never fucked women with sharks, or waved pistols around, or couldn’t steal Layla from their best friend so they got her 17 year old sister addicted to heroin and started banging her instead. Better toss all your Derick and The Dominoes records too guy.

    What an ass. That being said, fuck this dude in Surfer Blood for doing that. But that has literally nothing to do with making records, is this Hipster Runoff/Perez Hilton or Stereogum?

    • you’re my new favorite person in the world

    • Who ever said a post acknowledging the release of a music video was journalism in the first place? Here we go again with this shit. Tom is simply prefacing this post with an acknowledgement that most people in the world (including the world of stereogum) know little about Suferblood beyond the DV incident and clearly it has dominated all posts regarding them since then, AS CLEARLY SHOWN BY THIS MESSAGE BOARD. Everyone loves feeling self righteous and nailing someone else to the wall. First there was the backlash, then there was the backlash to the backlash, now there’s backlash to acknowledging there was backlash. This incident is a part of Surferblood, get over yourselves people. You’re not leaders of the world, we’re a bunch of chumps on a music site.

  8. i’m sorry, i can’t seem to reconcile your biased, villainizing form of journalism with the continued existence of this website. are we now allowed to judge what is and isn’t allowed to exist? is that a joke? i am under the impression that the incident you keep referring to was settled legally — can you at least TRY to report on actual music rather than deciding that you have the power to play god and say what is and is not allowed to exist?

    • o also sorry u got so ‘stressed out’ by a music video, also can you define ‘weird gender shit’? did you go to a liberal arts college or something? can you be specific? did you take too much adderall today? get over yourself

  9. Personally, as much I continue to enjoy Surfer Blood, I do think that it would be better for Stereogum to just stop covering them than have to preface every article with “Yes, we know he beat his girlfriend, but…” This website’s moral standing is clear and admirable, and I don’t think it’s worthwhile for the writers to acknowledge music that pretty clearly strikes them as tainted.

  10. Personally, as much as I enjoy Surfer Blood, I do think Stereogum would be better off ignoring the band than having to preface every article with “Yes, we know he’s guilty of domestic violence, but…” This website’s moral standing is clear and admirable, and I don’t think it’s in the best interests of either Stereogum or the band to continue to cover music that pretty clearly and justifiably strikes the writers as tainted.

    That being said, “Weird Shapes” is one of the songs of the year.

  11. You “haven’t figured out how to reconcile the continued existence” of this band? The fuck does that mean? Granted, what John Paul did was awful. But how does that translate to him (and the rest of the band) quitting music and ceasing to exist?

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