Basement Jaxx - "Back 2 The Wild"

Last week, the euphoric British dance greats Basement Jaxx returned with a new single called “Back 2 The Wild.” Today, they’ve given us the track’s video. Basement Jaxx have a long history of brain-wrecking music videos, and this one doesn’t disappoint; it’s a frantic collage of kitschy jungle tropes, filtered through a hyperactive color scheme, with enough strobe-flashing that it might need an epilepsy warning. Mat Maitland and Natalia Stuyk direct; watch it below.

The “Back 2 The Wild” single is coming soon from 37 Adventures.

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  1. This song needed a crazy video to distract from the mundaneness of the song/vocals. When I heard this last week I was unimpressed since there’s not enough aural variation to keep one interested at least for me. Also it’s unimpressive from the standpoint that they’ve not put out anything new since ’09′s Zephyr. So good thing this is eye candy & a fun video.

    • You’re right, I also judge my music based on the amount of aural variation involved, and regularly find that Basement Jaxx do not provide it. I was hoping for at least 10 different varieties of accordion and mouth harp. I also would expect 15-20 key changes. Dance music is known for its wide range of musical variation, except for in the case of Basement Jaxx.

  2. What kind of hipster utopian dust are these guys snorting these days? Although message is simple, yet interesting, and would have Ayn Rand nodding “I told you so”, the mediums are so silly. It’s like a PSA designed to get hipsters more involved in nature and less involved in themselves and the city. And if you don’t think it attracts hipster types, just read the replay Ethan Kalmar writes to August Sanchez, if that isn’t elitist and sarcastic – two identifiable hipster qualities – then I don’t know what is.

  3. WTF Basement Jaxx? lol

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