Das Racist & A Tribe Called Red - Indians From All Directions

Native American-rooted production team A Tribe Called Red from Ottawa have released “Indians From All Directions,” a track they had collaborated with Das Racist. The track would have been featured on DR’s next album had the group not broken up late last year. While DR was always known for their clever and often politically-padded wordplay, this track is one of the most nuanced to their name. The hook plays on Heems and Dapwell’s South East Asian heritage, as well as the aforementioned lineage of Red. Where does put Kool A.D.? If you want to get really deep into, he’s half-Afro-Cuban and they’re indigenous people, too. And isn’t that what the best part about Das Racist was? Picking apart the pieces to understand a well-thought out whole. What could have been, guys! What could have been! Download the track below.

A Tribe Called Red will release an album called Nation II Nation on 5/17.

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  1. still bummed they broke up. their solo work is nowhere near what they did as a group

  2. fucking awesome and interesting group. please come back and me us think and laugh.

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