New Order on Kimmel

Last weekend, the Manchester synthpop gods New Order, reactivated but without estranged cantankerous-genius bassist Peter Hook, played the first of two Coachella weekend. They’ll be back again this weekend, but they used some of the intervening time to show up on Jimmy Kimmel Live. On they show, they trotted out the classic “Bizarre Love Triangle.” And as an online bonus, they also played “I’ll Stay With You,” one of the songs from their recent unreleased-material collection Lost Sirens. Bernard Sumner’s dancing, it bears mentioning, is a gif wall waiting to happen. Watch both performances below.

Both Lost Sirens and the new greatest-hits collection Singles are out now on Rhino.

Comments (4)
  1. i feel like i’ve just watched a nightmare. what on earth?!

  2. Wow. He actually wore a “New Order” shirt. Isn’t there a rule against that?

  3. great twirling

  4. This was really, really bad… I’m a HUGE fan but everything from: reading off the teleprompter, to wearing your own t-shirt, to singing off key (more than normal), to the lame studio crowd (apart from the one dude), to the “dancing”… it was just off. Hooky not being there makes everything all the worse, makes the money grab even more slime covered.

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