Nardwuar Vs ALT-J

Recent Mercury Prize winners ALT-J recently stopped off in Vancouver. And what happens when you’re a musicians on tour in Vancouver? You get interviewed by journalism’s greatest information spelunker Nardwuar. Watch the band sing an a cappella version of Drive theme song “Real Hero” by College and learn some minutia about the group that you probably wouldn’t have otherwise below.

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    • Sorry, these guys’ name just supersedes anything about them. They also look like a whacked out version of Mumford And Sons. Superficial observations, but I also had to turn them off after half a track while trying to give their album a chance. And always wanted to make a comment like the above to a “Watch ____ do ____”/”Listen to _____’s new ____” articles that are just putting out music/info about musicians yet could be taken as a command/suggestion.

      Glad I got it out of my system/did my explanation redeem it?/why do I care? F∆ckin obnoxious – may force myself to watch this now.

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