Lana Del Rey - "Summer Wine" Video

Lana Del Rey has never downplayed her affection for Nancy Sinatra — you might remember she called herself a “self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra” back in the “Video Games” days. Now, out of nowhere, she’s covering a song Nancy made famous with Lee Hazelwood in 1967. LDR’s “Summer Wine” clip comes only weeks after her version of Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel No. 2,” and like that cover, this one is pretty damn faithful to the original. Also like that song, this one has no compelling reason to exist, but doesn’t make the world a more horrible place, either. The vid itself is filmed on a Super 8 (or some equivalent vintage equipment), and like everything else in the visual world today, looks like an Instagram product. Check it out.

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  1. lana probs loves stoker

  2. lol it’s entertaining. glad she is having fun!

  3. Super 8 generally refers to the film, not the camera, and would be properly rendered as “…filmed on Super 8…” The “a” is not necessary.

    Sorry for the nitpick.

    As for the song, you’re right, it didn’t ruin my day, but it didn’t make it either.

    • I think Michael was referring to the super 8 camera itself. Which would be properly rendered as “a super 8.”

      Sorry for the nitpick.

      As for the song – like much of her work it elicits a series of vivid and tangible images. The first one being corny diarrhea.

  4. Her key change wrecks this song. WRECKS.

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