Pharrell x Daft Punk

Pharrell contributes vocals on two songs for Daft Punk’s forthcoming record Random Access Memories, out May 21st via Columbia imprint Daft Life Limited. One is “Lose Yourself to Dance,” and the other is “Get Lucky.” Last night at a show in Brooklyn, Pharrell spent eleven minutes of his set performing the latter song three times in a row. Check out the video below.

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  1. So. . . this counts as performing now.

    • Nothing new … Top of the Pops and American Bandstand had people lip-synching and pretending to play their instruments decades ago.

  2. I think when your Pharrell and perform the same song three consecutive times then you have officially released an album

  3. /do people not typically listen to get lucky 3 times in a row anyway? I do, so this makes sense to donnyd.

  4. this is an ok pharrell song, a lame daft punk song.

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  6. It is a little odd that the performance is him singing over his previously recorded vocals, I have no problem hearing the song three times though.

  7. Why 3 times? Why karaoke?

  8. Incredibly, horribly, sadistically lame.

  9. This looks like it was done for a TV taping, it is typical to record the song 3 or more times and yes they sing over a track. This allows the cameras to catch crowd shots and what not. it might not be that, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    BUT – This seems a lot worse than that – I really like the tune, but he asked the crowd to sing, and they all instantly get out their phones… that’s what is lame. People don’t know how to have fun anymore.

  10. Oh come off it guys. Pharrell is just as excited about and obsessed with this song as we all are right now.


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