MGMT Alien Days

Two days ago, we showed you a stop-motion promo released by MGMT in advance of their Record Store Day cassingle. The tape was released today and it features a new song called “Alien Days.” Check out the track below via Soundcloud.

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  1. Am I mistaken or is MGMT getting better? what a great track..

  2. I’ll be honest, I’ve never given Congratulations a proper listen, but this is pretty great and I think it would fit in pretty well on the first album, which is also pretty great.

    • Congratulations is an incredibly underrated album. It’s definitely the better of the two, IMO. It’s just very different and needs some time to sink in.

    • Afraid I’m in the same camp. Gonna have to revisit.

    • Congratulations is the kind of album that won’t be properly appreciated until like 20 years from now and people are going to be like “oh shit these guys were awesome”

    • Listen to Congratulations. The critics dropped the ball on that one, big time. It’s fantastic.

    • Warms my heart to see so many commenters sticking up for “Congratulations”

      The album is super terrific. I remember Tame Impala tweeting about how great it was seeing those songs live when they toured with MGMT in 2010.

  3. this is really great

  4. This would fit in well towards the end of Oracular if I may say so. I like it! I have high expectations for this record, these boys have never let me down befo

  5. This is just awesome! What a great year for music so far.

  6. Loving the drums/production on this thing.

  7. really love the sway to this track, they are really developing

    completely agree with all previous Congratulations comments, up votes for days

  8. I really like it and I’m kicking myself for not picking up the cassingle at RSD.

  9. Well that was incredible!

    When does their new album drop? I really need another MGMT summer. “Congratulations” is inseparable from my 2010 summer.

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