Deerhunter - Monomania

We’ve heard the title track and seen the eye-popping Fallon performance, and now we get to hear all of Monomania, the fifth album from Atlanta fuzz-rock iconoclasts Deerhunter. The album isn’t set to arrive for another couple of weeks, but now we can stream the entire messy, hooky 43-minute affair below.

(via NPR)

Monomania is out 5/7 on 4AD.

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  1. Now this is what I call ‘ambient punk’.

  2. This album has consumed me since it leaked (I already pre-ordered it on vinyl). I haven’t been this singularly obsessed with an album in a while (the title is fitting).

    The 1st listen was not as impactful, but the 3rd and 4th sounded like an entirely other album altogether. Just gets better and better (especially when you can sing along).



  4. Can’t wait to listen. If the title track was any indication it will be a great album indeed.
    Not to be a hater, but admittedly I am a little confused at how “eye-popping” people found the performance, the costumes were funny, but Bradford walking off stage was nothing shocking, and looked quite rehearsed because it likely was.

    Anyway, can’t wait to hear this!

    • Yes and no. I mean, you have to consider that for late night TV ( outside of SNL) it was somewhat brazen. Key word being Somewhat. But this album is really interesting. Its rather rough, but def ambient punk is a good way to say it.

  5. I’m seeing them live this Thursday @ Proud Larry’s in Oxford Mississippi….Stoked to hear this new stuff live!!!!!

  6. These guys are true students of their profession. So many influences run through their albums. Think that’s why I find them so absorbing.

    On another prolific note, there have been some serious bad ass bands releasing albums so far, this year, and whats even more prolific is how great each of them have been.

  7. I love how good these guys are at keeping things fresh without moving too far away from the core of who they are. I need to give this a few more spins before I really absorb it, but the first listen was impressive.

  8. Excellent album. Dream Captain is catchy as hell. Not a bad song on here. I’m not prepared to say it’s better or worse than any of their other albums, considering how much I love each of their releases. I will say this, for me, it’s better than any Atlas Sound or Lotus Plaza album.

  9. anyone else feeling like pensacola is really the highlight of the album?

  10. Listening now, this is really fun. Blue Agent is a cool ass jam.

  11. Was anyone else hoping for a 45 minute “My Sharona” bonus track??

  12. “I’m a poor boy from a poor family”

  13. Can this band do no wrong? this is unreal. PUMPED

  14. Bah. Banned. No love for Corky but Rubjon has free reign.

  15. I gotta say “T.H.M”is a standout for me, so is “The Missing”. I’ve loved this band from day one, its hard to compare this band to any previous work because they change things up every time. Always refreshing and addictive. Already future classics to me. Now only if Brad comes out with a new Atlas Sound album, I’ve already overplayed “Parallax”.

  16. I love it when you can feel yourself falling in love with a new album on first listen

  17. Needs more Lockett Pundt.

    My favorite tracks from Halcyon were his and between his track here and “Spooky Action at a Distance” — he’s likely my favorite Deerhunter member now.

    It’s a great listen though! Wish they’d release another ambient track on their albums… it’s been since “Weird Era Cont.” I believe. “Slow Swords” is STILL the jam.

  18. I still only made it through 3 tracks. I want to return to it. Its really interesting and I love the balance between melody and dissonance and the jump cuts between. Good stuff so far. Does it top Halycon Digest anybody who’s listened in full?

  19. They’ve done it again

  20. this album is unreal

  21. Wow this is great, it’s much more accessible than it first appears.

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