Surfer Blood - Slow Six

Surfer Blood released a 7″ for Record Store Day featuring two tracks from their upcoming LP Pythons. The vinyl included “Demon Dance” and this song, “Slow Six.” Stream it below.

Pythons is out 6/11 via Warner Bros.

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  1. Idk about you guys but as time passess i find myself giving less and less of a shit about surfer blood, they just don’t really do anything for me, IDK.

    What do U think?

  2. They never did much for me, and the domestic abuse doesn’t exactly help.

  3. I totally dig the tunes these dudes write.

  4. Astro Coast was sterling solid. Tarot Classics is a grower with some of the coolest guitar layering with matching vocals. Have liked everything released for the new one so far despite it’s comparatively corporate sound.

    Been at a crossroads in how I think about S Blood. For one, domestic violence is reprehensible and should be frowned upon. But that doesn’t mean offenders’ lives should be permanently stricken from them. Maybe offenders should become temporary pariahs while undergoing counseling. And, if they show true sorrow and willingness to change, they can perhaps be welcomed back into the good graces of society. One thing that would make this whole ordeal followed by intense marketing of a new release a bit more palatable is some sort of statement from Pitts.

    Conversely, I hate the knee jerk reactions on the comment boards and easy dismissal of SB while still posting their tracks technique usually found on Gum (Claire, it must be said, is impressively and professionally detached here). On one hand it is admirable, as I’m one of the people who had all too easy a time bad mouthing Brown after his incident. It was simple to do so because, as someone noted on the original thread about Pitts, I don’t like his music. Though I will say when Look At Me Now came out I couldn’t help myself from blasting it or freestyling to it albeit with at least glimmers of inner turmoil happening simultaneously.

    Overall, we live in an overly politically correct age which makes shit like this much less acceptable, which is good in one sense in that it makes us consider the dimensions of violent acts and hateful words more. It’s negative in the sense that we are quick to label people messiahs or demons, especially when paired with our insatiable appetite for, and the media’s unending offerings of, celebrity pulp. And it’s so hard to know where to draw the line with cases like Lennon’s and Penn’s in the past.

    It’s messed up, but I kind of treasure the ‘Gum boards at times like these for allowing me to air my own winding thoughts/self analysis/perceptual contradictions.

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